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Ti-ll S MONTH'S PULP IT is written by Diana Athill, a uthor of Srer a nd Yesterday Morni11g: A Very E11glis!J C!Ji/d!J ood (Gra nta Books).

MI CHAEL BURLEIGH is writing a rwo-volume history of politics and religion s in ce the French Revolution , which will be published by H arperColli..ns.

V!CrGRIA GLEND!NNlNG is a biographer and novelist. She has nearly finished a biography of Leonard Wool(

0AVID PROFUMO writes for Co11111rY Life, and recently went on a bird-watching tour of the Belizean jungle , in search of the Lovely Cotinga. He is completing a family memoir, Bri11gi11g 17~e Ho11s e DoiVII, to be published by John Murray.

A DREW R.OBERTS recently ed it ed What Might Have Beeu, a collection of engaging cou nt erfact u al essays by such autho r s as Anne Somerset, Antonia Fraser, Amanda Foreman and Conrad Black, and published by Wcidenfeld & Nicolson. H e is c urrently writing A History of rile Euglis!J-Speakirt~ Peoples Siuce 1900.

PETER 0BORNE is Political Editor of Tire SpeCiator.

NI GEL) ONES's biography of Britain 's Fascist leade r , Mosley , is published by Haus Life & Times.

HAZHIR TE!MOURIA is researching the l ife of Omar Kh ayyam, the e leventh-century Persian astronomer, !Tee thinker and occasional poet.

J W M THOMPSON was Editor of the S1111day Telegraph for ten years and before th at Deputy Editor of Tire Spectator.

CATHERINE PETEJ>..S has written biographies of seve ral nin e teent h cen tur y a uth o r s, including Thackeray and Wilkie Collins.








4 MI C HA EL BURLEIGH Armage ddon: The Baffi e for Germany

1944-1945 Max Ha s t ings 5 ANDREW R OBERTS The Whig R ev ival 1808-1830

William Hay 8 RI CHARD OVERv Nazism and War Richard Bessel 10 A R HILLS A History rif Portugu ese Overseas Expansion

1400-1668 Malyn Newitt 11 H AZ HIR TEIMOURIAN Th e Court of th e Caliphs: Th e

Rise and Fall of Is lam 's Greatest Dynasty Hu gh Kennedy 13 GRAHAM STEWART Biel-1h eim: Battlefor Europe Charles Spencer 14 N IGEL )ONE S ON SECOND WORLD WAR DIARI STS

16 ALLAN MA S IE Tltoma s Hardy: A Biog raphy R ev is i t ed

Mi c hael Millgat e 18 CAROL! E M OOREHEAD 0/ivia Marwing: A Life Neville an d June Braybrooke 19 FRAN CES SPALDIN G George and Elizabeth Harlan 21 JE SS ICA MAN Pat rick 0 ' Brian: The Making of the

Novelist Nikolai Tolstoy Th e Final Unfinished Voyag e of ja ck A11brey Patri c k O 'Brian

23 PEVTON SKIPWITH Waiter Sick er t: A Life Matthew Sturgi 24 J O HN M c EWE Th e Artist's R ea l i ty: Philosophies of Art

Mark Rothko 26 WILLI AM PA CKER Gwenjohn: Leffers and otebooks (Ed)

Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan 2 7 SEBASTIA SHAKESPEARE Guemica: The Biography of a

Twwtieth-Cent11ry Ico n Gijs van Hensbergen 28 PAUL JOHNSON T11e Phaidon Atlas i f Contemporary World Architecture

29 SI MON HEFFER Wagner: Th e Last of th e Titans Joa c him Kohler 31 PATRI CK O'CONNOR Florence Mills: Harle111)azz Queen Bill Egan 32 MI K BROWN Chronicles: Volu111e One Bob Dylan

34 A C GRAYLI G A Life rif H LA Hart Nicola Lacey 35 BR E DA MAD DOX Machiavel/i: A Man Mis11 nderstood

Mi c hael White 36 ALEXANDER WA UGH Mrs Si111pso11: Secret Lives of the

Duc/1 ess of Windsor Charles Hi g ham 37 FRAN C IS KIN G Mi stress of th e Elgin Marble s: A Biography of Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgi11 Susan Nagel 38 CATHER.INE PETER S Li zz ie Siddal: The Trage dy of a

Pre-Rapha elit e Sup er111od e/ Lu c ind a H awksley

Editor: NA CV SLADEK Dep11ty Editor: ALA N RAFFERTV Editorial Assista11t: T OM FLEMI G Contributi11g Editor: SEBASTIA SHAKESPEARE

Busi11 ess 1Vlmwger: R oB ERT Pas ER Advertisi11g Marwger: TERRY FI NNEGAN

F01mdi11g Editor: DR ANNE SMITH Foundi11g Father: AUIJERON WAUGH

Cover illustration by Chris Ridde/1

lss 11 e 110. 317

LITERARY REVIEW D ec 2004 I ]an 2005

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