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THIS MONTH'S PULPIT is written by J ere m y Lewi s, who is c urr e ntl y commissioning editor of th e Literary Reviell'. His bi ograp hy of Alien Lane wi ll be publi shed in May.

H EN il.J ETTA GARNETT is the au th or of A tt11ie, a biography of An n e Th ac k e r ay c hi e (C h atto & Windus) , and is c urrently wri tin g a book about the R.osse tti fa mil y.

SAUL DAVID is t h e author of Tft c l11di a11 M11tilly a nd Z 11 l 11 , both publish ed by Penguin . H e is worki ng on a history of the early Victorian war.;.

CHR ISTINE KELLY's book Mrs D11b erly's War , an edi ti o n of the Crimean War J o urnal an d unpublished le t ters of Fanny Duberl y, th e on ly officer 's wife present throughout the whole campaign , will appear this year.

J OHN ADAM SON, a Fe l lo w of Peterhouse, Cambridge, was brought up in Australia . His new history of the English C ivil War, Tlte Noble Revolt, w ill be published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson later tl1i s year.

SE LI NA O 'GRADY is a reviewer , co-edi tor of Great Spirits and A Deep VIII Dazzli11<~ Dark11ess (borh 2002), a nd a former TV produce r on Heart of tft e Matt er.

CA P... HILLS li es in bed most of th e t ime but occasional l y rise s t o produce work of great distin c tion.

Lu cv LETHURIDGE's most re cen t book is A1111ie Oakley: Sharp Shoo ter of the Wild West (S hort Books, 2004).

JAMES LE FANU is a humbl e f:1 mil y doctor and w rites medical co lumns for the Daily Telegraph. Th e Rise and Fall of Moder11 Medicin e, hi s monumental hi sto ry of m ed i c in e , was publi shed by Abacus in 2000.








4 RI CHARD OvERY Hitler's Spy Chief: Th e Wilh elm

Canaris Myst ery Ri c hard Bassett

6 CAROL£ ANGlER The End: Hamburg 1943 Hans Erich Nossack 7 SAUL DAVID Bury the Chains: The Briti sh Struggl e to

Abolish Slavery Adam Hochschild Human Cargo : j ourn eys Among the R efugees Caroline Moorehead 9 TOM P ococK Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Gamble Andrew Roberts 10 TIM H EA LD Tail-End Charlies: The Last Battles of th e

Bomb er War 1944-45 John Nichol and Tony Rennell Bomb er Cm.v: Taking on th e R eich John Sweetman 11 P ETER WESTON Symbol of Courage Max Arthur Suprem e

Courage General Sir P e t e r d e la Billiere

12 HENRIETTA GARNETT Bombay to Bloom sbury: A Biography of th e Stra chey Farnily Barbara Caine 14 ADAM SI SMAN Fi ery H ea rt: Th e First Life of L eig h Hunt

Ni c holas Roe The Wit in th e Dungeon : A Life of L eig h Hunt Anthony Holden 15 ALLAN MASSlE Robert Louis Stevenson: A Biography C laire Hamu n 17 SELINA O 'GRADY Mary Wollstonecrcift: A New Genus Lyndall Gordon

19 J ONATHAN KEATES Th e Pope's Daughter Caroline P Murph y 20 PAUL JOHN SON Rob ert E Lee : Icon for a Nation Brian

Hold e n Reid 22 CHRISTINE KELLY Mary Seaco le: Th e Charismatic Black Nurse who Beca me a Heroin e of th e Crimea Jane Robinson Wondeiful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands Mary Seacole (Ed Sarah Salih ) Wondeiful Adventtms of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands Mary Seaco le (E dd Ziggi Alexander and Audrey Dewjee) 24 J AMES LE FANU Th e Knife Man W e ndy Moore

25 KAREN ARM STRONG H oly Fire: Th e Battlefor Christ 's

Tomb Vi c tori a C lark 26 FRANC IS KI NG Wrong About japan Peter Carey 27 JOH N ADAMSON In Tasmania Nicholas Shakespeare

30 J ONAT HAN MIRSKY Mad About th e M eko ng John Keay 31 MATTHEW LEEMING The Gem Hunt er: Tru e Adventures of an American in Afghanistan G a ry Bowersox 32 CHRISTOPHER ONDAATJE Cassell's Tal es of Endurar1ce

Fergus Fleming


Editor: N ANCY SLADEK Actiug Editor: ALAN R.AF FERTY Co 111111iss ionil'lg Editor: ]ER EM Y LEW IS

Editorial Assistant: T OM FLEM ING Get/era/ Assistm·1t: SoPI-IIE LEW IS Cot'1tributi11g Editor: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE

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Founding Editor: DR ANNE SM ITH Founding Fath er: AVBERON WAUG H

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