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THI S MONTH'S PULPI T is w ritten by J o hn Suth e rl and , w ho is Pro fesso r Em e ritu s a t Uni ve r s i t y Co ll ege Lo nd o n and is th e chair o f th e judges fo r this year's Man Booker Pri ze.

J OHN M C EWEN's m o n og r aph o n J o hn Bell any wiU be publi shed in a new editi o n by M ain strea m in April.

NI NA BAWDEN's n ew b oo k , Dear Auste11 , is an acco unt of th e Po tte r's B a r tr a in c r as h , in w hi c h h e r hu sband was kill ed.

RI CHARD BOSTO found e d th e m agaz in e Quarto, late r in co rp o rated into th e Litera ry Review. His b ooks in c lu de a bi og r ap h y of O s b e rt Lancas te r. H e is curre ntl y wo rkin g o n a b oo k ab o ut th e r e la ti ons hip be twee n Cezann e and Zola.

M ARY KENNY's mos t rece nt book is a bi ograph y o f William J oyce, Lo rd Ha w- H aw, e ntitl e d Ge r111 a11 y Ca lli11c~ ' publish ed in pape rb ac k by N ew Island Books las t N ovember.

MI CHA EL W ATER HOUSE's c urr e nt proj ec t is an e ight-part doc umentary se ri es o n Briti s h m a p s e ntitl e d Map111 a11 , w hi c h w ill b e sc r ee n e d nex t autumn o n BBC 2 .

NIGEL J ONES is resea rc hing a bo ok on post- wa r Vienna, c 1945-50, and wou ld be pl eased to hear from an y read ers w ith experi ences to reco unt.

BARNAIJ Y R OGERSO was led by an acc id e nt al e n co unt e r to w rit e a g uid e b oo k t o M o rocco. H e n ow eo- dir ec t s El a nd Boo k s, w hi c h re prints class ic trave l lit e ratu re. His rece nt w ritin g includ es a hi story o f th e fi rs t Ca liph s. Heirs of th e Proph el, to be published in N ovember.

J ANE RY E is an art c riti c, and th e auth o r of Fu/llris111 (S tudi o Vi sta).








4 PETER WASHINGTON D H Lau~re nce: The Life of an



Out sid er J ohn Worthen

R.I CHARD BOSTON Th e uwghter of Triumph: William H one and th e Fight for th e Free Press Ben Wilson DIANA ATHILL Th e Red L ett ers : My Father's Enchanted Period; Dark H arbor: Building H ouse and H ome on an. Enchanted Island ; Remel'nbering Mr Shawn's 'New York er': Th e In vi s ibl e Art of Editing; All for Lov e : A Persona l Hi story of D esire and Disappo intm ent V e d Meht a

9DAVID P RY CE-j ONE S 'H urrah for the Blacks hirts!': Fascists and Fa scism in Britain between th e Wars Martin Pu g h 10 RI CHARD HOLMES Th e Warlord s : Hind enb urg and

Ludendorff]ohn Lee 12 MARY KE NY Th e Si ege of D erry Ca rl o Gebler 13 Lu c v LETHBRIDGE Eng land 's Lost Eden: Adventures il'l a

Vi ctorian Utopia Philip H oare 15 FRA NK M CLYNN J ohn th e Paint er: The First Modern

T errori s t J ess i ca Warner 16 Ni NA BAWDEN Out of Harm 's Way: The Wartime

Evawation of Chi ldre11 from Britain J ess i ca M a nn

18 J OHN M c EWEN Mati sse t /1 e Ma s ter Hil ary Spurling 19 JAN E RYE Wyn.dham Lewis Richard Humphreys 21 MI CHAEL WATERH OUSE Ni ck Broomfie/d: D ow menting

Ico ns (Ed) Jason Wood 22 lSABEL QUIGLY It 's On ly a Movie: Alfred Hitchcock- A Personal

Biography C h a rl ot t e Chandler

24 R .AYMOND SEITZ His Excellency: Ceorge Washington JosephJ E lli s 25 FRAN CIS KING H aro/d Nicolson. Norman Ro se 27 jONATHAN MI RSKY Th e Man Who Cha nge d C hina: The

Life and Leg acy ofj iang Z emill Robert Lawrence Kuhn 28 NI GEL ] ONES Betraying Hitler: Frit z Kolb e, The Most Important

Spy of th e Second World War Lu cas Delattre

30 ANDREW TAYL OR T he Rattles nake : A Voyag e of

Disco very to the Coral S ea J ordan Good m a n The Eng li sh Dan e Sa r a h Bakewe ll 31 N iCK SM ITH Th e Ice Mu seum: In Search of th e L ost Land of

T lwl e J oa nn a Kavenn a


Editor: NA NC Y SLAD EK Acti11g Editor: ALAN R.AFF ER.TY Commissionil'lg Editor: J EREMY LEWI S

Editorial A ss istant: T OM FLEMI G General A ss istant: SOPHJE LEWIS Colltribl

Busin ess Manager: SAR.AH MAHAFFY Advertisirtg Manager: TERRY FiN NEGAN

Founding Editor: D ll . ANNE SM ITH Founding Fath er: Aui3ERON WAUGH

Cover illustration by Chris Ridde/1

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