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10 Protecting our data Ben Hayes outlines key demands for reining in the surveillance state

12 Any phone, any time Enjoying lenient surveillance laws, GCHQ has enticed its US counterpart to set up camp in Britain. Richard Norton-Taylor reports

13 Drop the base The NSA’s base at Menwith

Hill goes unnoticed and unaccountable, even in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations. By Lindis Percy

14 Drone wars Michelle Zellers speaks with

Medea Benjamin, founder of the US anti-war group Codepink, who was arrested in May for interrupting Barack Obama’s speech on his drone programme cover by Tom Lynton

16 Beating the blacklisters Ewa Jasiewicz speaks to some of the trade unionists organising against the blacklisters in the construction industry

18 Keeping an eye on us Kevin Blowe reports on a police database profiling thousands of activists

21 Indefensible design The pedlars of gates, alarms and

CCTV have an ever-growing business. It’s the community that pays, write Anna Minton and Jody Aked

In pictures

23 Resist and create Isabelle Koksal presents a selection of images from some of the more imaginative and colourful protests around the world


44 Government health warning Jacky Davis exposes the marketing myths behind the NHS giveaway


46 Colonialoversight

As they colonised the world, European governments invented techniques for tracking the people they conquered. Elia Zureik reveals how domestic spying has roots in imperial history


28 Married strife The same-sex marriage campaign has been successful, but LGBTQ equality is still a distant dream. It’s time to reassess our priorities, argues Siobhan McGuirk

31 Give us this day… Ruth Potts and Molly Conisbee guide us through the many struggles organised around bread

34 When David wants to be Goliath Daniel Tischer says a hunger for reckless growth was the Co-op Bank’s fatal f law

36 Motown in motion Tawana Petty considers the undemocratic takeover of Detroit – and the people’s work to rejuvenate their city from the ground up

40 A cool look at climate Ian Sinclair asked four of the top UK climate change experts about what action must be taken to stop runaway climate change – and the consequences of not doing so

50 Agitator, editor, organiser Darcus Howe reflects on his life and on decades of anti-colonial struggle, locally and globally

53 A world without prisons Nicole Vosper offers a vision for a world beyond bars red pepper oct | nov 2013


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