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Agenda Stories making the news this month 8 Settling old scores in Sri Lanka 8 Greece’s boss-free factory 8 15 years ago... in New Internationalist 9 Re-introducing Ilham Aliyev 9 Restrictions up in smoke 9 Sinking homeland 10 Cellphone justice for sterilized women 10 Stuck in the middle in Gilgit Baltistan 11 Iraq’s forgotten refugees 11 Sperm jailbreak in the West Bank PLUS: Scratchy Lines by cartoonist Simon Kneebone and

Trokilinochchi Under a CC Licence

Reasons to be Cheerful.

The Big Story – Fracking 12 The frack files

Our 13 page lowdown on fracking and why communities around the world are so against it. The myths, the science, the history, the empty promises, the facts – all in this handy primer written by environmental researcher Danny Chivers. Includes What The Frack...? The fracking process explained visually.

Mixed media 36 Film reviews The Patience Stone co-written and directed by Atiq Rahimi;

Utopia written and co-directed by John Pilger. 37 Music reviews Quarter to Six by The Idan Raichel Project; The Secret

Sounds of Savamala by Howlround. 38 Book reviews The Party Forever by Rowan Callick; The Sky Wept Fire by Mikail Eldin; Madam Atatürk by İpek Çalişlar; Bolivia: Processes of change by John Crabtree and Ann Chaplin. PLUS: Also out there…

Opinion 32 Argument: Is it time to junk the

UN Security Council? Phil Leech and Richard Gowan go head to head. PLUS: Open Window with guest cartoonists Richard and Slavomir Svitalsky. 35 Mark Engler Shutdown America. 44 Chris Coltrane Success should be measured in chocolate-chip muffins. PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World cartoon.


i c e n c e


U n d e r a i S a m a r a s e k e r a

R a k k h l a m y

B u r r/A

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D a v


25 ‘We cannot have democracy without freedom from fossil fuels’ Interview with Gasland director Josh Fox. 26 The people’s campaign Reports on the fightback from Argentina, Australia and

South Africa.


Feature 40 The end of the line Indian railway stations are a magnet for impoverished children looking for a better future. What usually awaits them is abuse and exploitation. Terina Keene on an initiative helping them find a way out.

i l d r e n

C h i l w a y

R a


Regulars 6 Letters Changing aid; the significance of the red cross; and where does resistance come from? PLUS: I’m a New Internationalist. 7 Letter from Botswana What is the accommodation between tradition and modernity, wonders Wame Molefhe. 29 Worldbeater Tough love, harsh truths, austerity cuts – it’s all in a day’s work for European Commission ‘archangel of fiscal sobriety’ Olli Rehn. 30 Country Profile: Central African Republic 43 Making Waves Dean Peacock , the director of Sonke

Gender Justice Network, is determined to engage men and boys in women’s rights. By Janey Stephenson. 45 Puzzle Page PLUS: Marc Roberts’

Only Planet cartoon. 46 And Finally Palestinian actor Saleh Bakri tells

Frank Barat why fame will not change him – or his passion for justice for his people.


P h o t o s


lR y a n

J o e

Front cover: Andrew Kokotka. Magazine designed by Alan Hughes, Andrew Kokotka and Juha Sorsa. All monetary values are expressed in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

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