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the Friend

Vol 166 No 18


3-5 News London students tackle army recruitment at their UCL union buildings Welcome exposure? Quaker burial grounds come under the media gaze Handing over Circles of Support and Accountability

6 Organic is not the only way Ian Watson

7 Comment Stevie Krayer & Oliver Robertson

8-9 Letters

9 Silver anniversary for QUIP Trish Carn

10-11 Dual membership Ernest Hall

See pages 14-15

See page 16

12 Arts The silence of white Rowena Loverance Dreaming of a homeland Stevie Krayer

13 Turning the Quarterly page Tony Stoller

14-15 Not so much the whole banana, more a sausage Jamie Wrench

16 q-eye

17 Friends & Meetings

Images on this page from top: a sausage, but does it represent Quakers? Discuss (see page 14-15), photo: Karel Choc; a Quaker parrot (or monk parakeet, as they are also known, see page 16), photo: normanack/flickr. Photographs in the 1 February edition of Central and Southern Africa Yearly Meeting on pages 2 and 5 were by Sheldon Weeks.

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2 May 2008

Cover: The QUIP panel of the North American Quaker tapestry. Designed by Ruth Gallatino and stitched by many loving hands. Photo: Trish Carn See page 9

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the Friend , 2 May 2008