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Cover Story: church and state What’s the proper place of religion in public l i fe? Is France r ight to ban religious clothing? Is American politics too religious? Should we consider the moral wisdom of religious traditions when deciding what to do as a people? Or should civic duties always trump religious values? These questions and more are discussed in a t imely forum on the church and state.

FORUM 73 Religion and the secular state

Robert Audi

80 Liberal views Clare Chambers

86 Persistent privilege Richard Norman

92 Religion, law and society Roger Trigg

99 Civic duties Robert B Talisse

105 A secularist principle Alan Haworth

REVIEWS 116 Claire Creffield on Gravity 119 Derek Ball on Consciousness and the

Limits of Objectivity

122 Margaret Betz on Hitler’s Philosophers

125 Steven Luper on Death and the Afterlife

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