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1 Instead of an Editorial

13 The next issue of MPT

14 Joe Sacco, from Palestine

17 Jonathan Holmes, Israel/Palestine: a Century of Violence

24 Mahmoud Darwish, ‘Mural’, translated by Rema Hammami and John Berger

38 Deema Shehabi, two ghazals

42 Marilyn Hacker, two ghazals

45 Jack Hamesh, two letters from Palestine to Ingeborg Bachmann, translated by David Constantine

55 Agi Mishol, ‘Parent Poems’, translated by Vivian Eden

58 Alan Hart, ‘Volunteer 1969’

62 Salman Masalha, three poems translated by Vivian Eden and the author

67 John Berger, Concerning Identity

70 Dvora Amir, three poems, translated by Jennie Feldman

74 Jennie Feldman, ‘Sage Tea’

76 Ghassan Zaqtan, ‘Alone and the river before me’, translated by Fady Joudah

84 Tal Nitzan, three poems, translated by Vivian Eden and the author

88 Vivian Eden, From Arabic to Hebrew and Hebrew to Arabic: Poetry Translation as a Microcosm of How the World Ought to Work

94 Yosef Sharon, ‘The Shelter’, translated by Gabriel Levin