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DIARMAID MACCULLOCH is Fellow of St Cross College and Professor of the History of the Church in Oxford University. His Thomas Cranmer: A Life won The James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Biography, The Duff Cooper Prize, and The Whitbread Biography Award 1996. NICHOLAS MURRAY is the author of an exceedingly slim pamphlet of poems, Plausible Fictions, and a short book on Bruce Chatwin. His acclaimed Life of Matthew Arnold was published in 1996 and is now in paperback. HARRIET SERGEANT's Shanghai will be reissued in paperback next month by John Murray. NIALL FERGUSON's history of the Rothschilds, The World's Bankers, will be published later this year by Weidenfeld & Nicolson. LOUISE DouGHTY's Crazy Paving and Dance with Me are both out in paperback (Touchstone £5.99). Her new novel, Honey Dew, is published on 30 March by Sirnon & Schuster. KATHERINE KNORR is a Deputy Editor of the International Herald Tribune. FRANCIS SPUFFORD is the editor (with Jenny Uglow) of Cultural Babbage, a book of essays about technology. GILES M ACDONOGH's Berlin came out last year from SinclairStevenson. His biography of Frederick the Great will be publ ish ed in the autumn by W eidenfeld & Nicolson. ANDREW BARROW's second novel, The Man in the Moon, described by Alan Coren as 'a brilliant, hilarious and highly disturbing testament', is published as a Picador paperback this month.









4 DrARMAID MACCULLOCH The Life of Thomas More

Peter Ackroyd

5 PAUL J OHNSON Hostage to Fortune: The Troubled Life of Francis

Bacon Lisa Jardine and Alan Stewart 8 TOM PococK Prince Rupert: Admiral and General at Sea

Frank Kitson 9 NI CHOLAS MURRAY A Gift Imprisoned: The Poetic Life of

Matthew Arnold Ian H amilton 10 ALEXANDER WAUGH Lord Berners: The Lost Eccentric

MarkAmory 11 PATRI CK TAYLOR-MARTIN Aubrey Beardsley Matthew Sturgis 12 SIMON YATES Eric Shipton: Everest and Beyond Peter Steele 13 TLM ASHLEY Christian Dior: The Man who Made the World Look

New Marie-France Pochna 15 SIMON WARD Robert Bolt: Scenes from Two Lives Adrian Turner

16 DJ TAYLOR The Victorian Undenvorld Donald Thomas 17 GILES MAc DONOGH Tales from the German Underworld:

Narratives of Crime and Punishment in the Nineteenth Century Richard] Evans


19 DAVID PROFUMO A Difence of Masochism Anita Phillips

20 CARLOS MAVROLEON The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Substances

Richard Rudgley

22 TERESA WAUGH The Spirit- Wrestlers: A Russian journey

Philip Marsden 23 ]ULIAN WATSON King Khama, Emperor joe and the Great White

Queen: Victorian Bn'tain through African Eyes Neil Parsons 24 TOM OTLEY Into the Wild ]on Krakauer


26 KENNETH RosE Champion Redoubtable: The Diaries and Letters of Violet Bonham Carter 1914-1945 (Ed) Mark Potde 27 MALCOLM BRADBURY Now and Then: From Coney Island to

Here Joseph Heller 28 RHODA K OEN IG Truman Capote George Plimpton 30 NIALL FERGUSON Ednumd de Rothschild: A Gilt-edged lift, A Memoir 32 ANDREW BARROW Dog Days Aidan Higgins 33 LI SA ALLARDICE ON THREE GRIM CHILDHOODS

Editor: AUBERON W AUGH Deputy Editor: NANCY SLADEK Assistant Editor: J OANNA CRAVEN Editorial Assista11t: LI SA ALLARDICE Business Manager: l SABEL B oOTHBY Advertising Manager: LOU ISE HARR!SON Classified Advertisement Sales: LISA ALLARDI CE

Subscriptions: BEN H OUSE Publisher: NAIM ATTALLAH Founding Editor: DR ANNE SMITH Cover illustration by Chris Riddell

Iss ue no. 237


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