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Inside The Wire 362 | April 2014

free CD 6 Masthead 8 Letters 12 Bitstream

News and more from under the radar 9 Trip Or Squeek Cartoon strip by Savage Pencil 20 Unofficial Channels Experimental Music On Children’s TV 50 Charts The Office Ambience and other playlists 96 Out There Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings 104 Subscribe Print, digital, downloads and CDs Invisible Jukebox 28 Marissa Nadler The singer and fingerpicking guitarist gets lost in time with The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Damon Krukowski

4 The Wire Tapper 34 Your track by track guide to this month’s

32 Early DIY synthesists How Practical Electronics magazine provided a hub for UK synth pioneers in the early 1970s. By Ian Helliwell

36 Akira Sakata The Japanese saxophonist’s four decade career takes in noise face-offs, free jazz and TV celebrity. By James Hadfield

Bites 14 Maya Dunietz The Tel Aviv improvisor is making connections across the board. By Nick Cain 16 Club Of Friends A retrospective charts the 1980s actions of

Russia’s New Artists. By Alexei Monroe 18 Laurence Crane

The UK composer’s chamber works explore motion and repetition. By Brian Morton 20 The Colundi Sequence Two Rephlex veterans take electronic music into microtonal realms. By Derek Walmsley 21 Tashi Dorji The rootless explorations of a Bhutanese improvising guitarist. By James Toth

22 Collateral Damage Exposing Kraftwerk’s roots in R&B and jazz has implications for EDM. By Tony Herrington

Global Ear 24 Rio de Janeiro Rafael Abreu plugs into a tropical noise network Cross Platform 26 Cevdet Erek

The Turkish artist’s installations investigate time and motion. By Nathan Budzinski 75 The Inner Sleeve Will Shutes on The Fugs’ Songbook 90 Epiphanies Agata Pyzik on the ascetic allure of pale boys playing pale music

42 The Ex Daniel Spicer travels to Amsterdam to talk

DIY survival strategies with the Dutch ethnoimprov-punk collective

51 Reviews Index 52 Soundcheck New vinyl, CDs, downloads and streams, plus reissues and specialist columns, including: 53 Killing Sound Inside the echo chamber. By Adam Harper 58 Sleaford Mods Up town, top ranting. By Mark Fisher 61 Florian Hecker

Philosophical acoustics. By Nick Cain 70 Slint Spiderland strategems. By Drew Daniel 73 Bo Anders Persson Playing tricks with time. By David Keenan 76 Print Run New music books: DJ culture and a history of jazz discography 77 On Site Recent exhibitions: William Burroughs’s photos plus music meets art in Denmark 78 On Screen New films and DVDs: Jeff Mills, The Epic Of

Everest and more

80 On Location Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Congo

Natty, The Orchestra Of Futurist Noise Intoners and more

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