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34/A master in the landscape Glenn Murcutt’s latest design is another quietly spectacular response to the landscape.

44/Spaced out London architect Luke Tozer’s eye-opening new home is a triumph against the odds.

52/Inner city trailblazer Radical then, groundbreaking success now. Six years on, one of the fi rst ecologically sustainable homes in the inner city is looking better than ever.

60/Water+Wood=Steam An old paddle steamer is reinvented as a unique family getaway.





27/Thermal mass for dummies Exactly what is thermal mass and how can we make the most of it?

28/Clean Heat A comprehensive guide to heating systems: what’s best for your home and the environment.

92/Come fl y with me ... The Gibbon Experience in Laos’ Bokeo rainforest reserve is an exhilarating brush with nature.





76/Theo’s garden in Freo Meet Theo Koning, an artist and his garden. We take a peek into a garden shaped by art.


86/Where do I sign up? Am I doing it right? Home gardeners get some real life advice on sustainable practice.

Regular features

10/Upfront Exquisite sculptures, prize winning chairs, renovating tips, ghost nets program and the latest in sustainable design.

Profi les

23/Salvage Job Skinners Playground, an oasis of fun for kids from the surrounding Housing Commission fl ats, is the benefi ciary of an award-winning building made entirely from discarded materials.

74/Heart Macgregor Knox sculpts fallen pieces of Sequoia into beautiful shapes.

71/Upfront Gardens Solar garden lights, MCG timber and dad’s old ladder re-used, and beautiful moon calendars.

71/Top Tips Amadis Lacheta’s regular permaculture tips.

98/Books Check out recent publications on sustainable house and garden design and global environmental issues.

70/Subscription Have each issue delivered to you and save up to 18% off the cover price.

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