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J.G. JURADO The Tipping Point

A prestigious neurosurgeon faces the ultimate dilemma. If his next patient, the President of the United States, leaves the operating theatre alive, then his daughter will die at the hands of a psychopath. From the author of the bestselling, worldwide phenomenon God’s Spy, comes The Tipping Point, a riveting thriller. ‘A roller coaster ride of fear and excitement unparalleled in modern fiction. Imagine holding in your hands the decision between the death of your own child versus the President of the United States. An intimate and astonishing view of life inside the Washington DC world’ New York Times • J.G. Jurado has reached 3 million readers worldwide • God’s Spy sold 50,000 copies in paperback in the UK and has been translated into 42 languages J.G. Jurado is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author. His debut novel, God’s Spy, was an instant bestseller.


Location: Spain Available for interview f/juangomezjurado @juangomezjurado

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