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Orion Fiction Thriller TPB July £12.99 336pp 978 1 4091 4265 2 eBook: £6.99 / 978 1 4091 4266 9

DAN SMITH The Darkest Heart

The new thriller from the highly acclaimed author of Red Winter and The Child Thief. Leaving behind his life of violence in Brazil’s darkest shadows, Zico is determined to become a better man. But it seems his old life isn’t quite done with him yet, when he’s tasked with making one last kill. It’s one that could get him everything he has ever wanted; a house, some land, cash in his pocket, a future for him and his girlfriend, Daniella. But it’s not like his other jobs. This comes at a much higher price. The Darkest Heart is a journey through the shadowy heart of Brazil and the even darker mind of a killer, where the only chance of survival might mean abandoning the only good thing you've ever known. ‘A gripping thriller with real depth of character’ Sunday Times on Red Winter Dan Smith grew up following his parents across the world. He has been shortlisted for the Royal Literary Fund mentor scheme, the Northern Writers’ Award, the 2010 Brit Writers Published Author of the Year Award and the Best First Novel Award.


Location: Newcastle, UK Available for interview f/Dan-Smith-Author @DanSmithAuthor

Orion Fiction Thriller HB July @ £12.99 352pp (approx) 978 1 4091 5349 8 eBook: £6.99 / 978 1 4091 5351 1 (released February 2014)

A.R. TORRE The Girl in 6E

A dark, sexy thriller about a female recluse with murderous urges who finds herself investigating a kidnapping. Deanna has not left her apartment in years. She’s ruled by the need to kill, so she separates herself from any potential victims by avoiding all physical contact and operating entirely through the digital realm. But when her job as a webcam girl means she unintentionally uncovers the identity of a kidnapper, she’s forced to leave the safety of apartment 6E as she races to save a young girl’s life. Previously self-published in an altered form with a phenomenal online following, this is a game changing novel that pushes the boundaries of erotic and thriller fiction. A.R. Torre is a sensational new voice on the thriller scene and a successful self-published erotica author, reaching Amazon’s bestseller list.


Location: Florida USA Available for interview f/AlessandraTorre @ReadAlessandra

Orion Fiction • July 2014