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Orion Saga HB August £16.99 320pp 978 1 4091 2820 5 eBook: £8.99 / 978 1 4091 2822 9

LILIAN HARRY Celebrations in Burracombe

Warm, poignant and heartfelt, Lilian Harry serves up another delicious slice of country life. It’s the late 1950s and change is in the air. For the Napier family, up at the big house, the old ways are shifting. Hilary must discover if reaching out for a chance of happiness must mean breaking away from the life expected of her, while Patsy, their young housekeeper’s help, is facing motherhood without her own family around her. Down the hill from the Napiers, villagers young and old are setting out on adventures – Stella and Felix begin married life, change comes to the village school and the Tozer family continue to find surprises in their midst. Lilian Harry is a Sunday Times Top 20 bestseller. She lives in a village on the edge of Dartmoor with two ginger cats and a black and silver miniature schnauzer.


Location: Tavistock, Devon Available for interview @lilianharry

Orion Historical fiction HB August £18.99 400pp 978 1 4091 0460 5 eBook: £9.99 / 978 1 4091 1086 6

CHRISTIAN CAMERON Tyrant: Force of Kings

The triumphant action-packed final volume in the epic series. Twin monarchs Satyrus and Melitta have worked hard, seen much blood shed and many good friends die to secure their fertile kingdom on the Black Sea. But as the colossal conflict between Alexander the Great’s former generals to inherit his empire rages from one end of the known world to the other, sitting on the sidelines is not an option. If their kingdom is to have a future, Satyrus and Melitta must join forces with one of the contenders, knowing that making the wrong choice could mean disaster. And with Ptolemy, Antigonus One-Eye and his son Demetrius ‘the Besieger’, Lysimachus and Seleucus all massing their forces for one last battle, the stakes could not be higher. ‘Brilliantly evoked’ Sunday Times on Alexander: God of War Christian Cameron is a writer and historian, and the author of many acclaimed historical novels including The Ill-Made Knight. He has a degree in medieval history and is a former US Navy intelligence officer.


Location: Toronto, Canada Available for interview f/Christian-G-Camerons-Author-Page @Phokion1

Orion Fiction • August 2014