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W&N Biography and Autobiography; History HB August £25.00 592pp 36pp colour illustrations 978 0 297 86425 7 eBook: £25.00 / 978 0 297 86426 4

ADRIAN GOLDSWORTHY Augustus The First Emperor of Rome

Authoritative account of how an obscure citizen became Rome’s most successful emperor. Augustus’s achievements, and his legacy, are almost unparalleled. Like Julius Caesar, he presided over a huge expansion in wealth and territory and was honoured by having a month of the year named after him and was treated like a god. But unlike Caesar he was able to keep hold of power for over forty years, and bequeath the empire, whole, to his successors. His story, however, has remained only partially told – until now. Adrian Goldsworthy uses contemporary sources to illuminate the full life story of the first great Roman emperor. Adrian Goldsworthy’s books, including The Roman Army at War, Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra have sold more than a quarter of a million copies and been translated into more than a dozen languages. He regularly contributes to TV documentaries on Roman subjects.

W&N Biography and Autobiography: History HB October @ £25.00 512pp 32pp colour illustrations 978 0 297 86522 3 eBook: £25.00 / 978 0 297 86523 0

LISA HILTON Elizabeth Renaissance Prince

A definitive portrait of one of the most compelling monarchs England has ever had: Elizabeth I. The life of Elizabeth I is a perennially compelling subject, one which each generation of historians must reclaim as their own. The popularity of the Tudors in film, television and fiction has in recent years demonstrated an unwaning enthusiasm for the period and given rise to a fresh audience who will welcome an accessible, comprehensive biography of Elizabeth which includes all the scandal, drama and intrigue they have come to associate with this unique English queen. Assimilating new discoveries and interpretations about her life, Lisa Hilton takes a new direction to reconsider Elizabeth’s reign, arguing that her royalty negated her gender, and that she saw herself primarily as a prince. Lisa Hilton is the critically acclaimed author of Athenais: The Real Queen of France, Mistress Peachum’s Pleasure, and The Horror of Love.


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W&N Non-Fiction • August / October 2014


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