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Orion Popular Culture / Health and Diet MMP June £7.99 320pp 978 1 409 15484 6 eBook: £7.99 / 978 1 409 15485 3

Part friend and part guide, this book is for the many people turning to low sugar lifestyles.


A girl’s guide to giving up sugar. Two years ago Nicole Mowbray gave up sugar and the effects were astonishing. It changed her life, her body, her relationships, her face and her health. Now sugar is under fire and firmly in the dietary spotlight; the World Health Organisation have lowered the recommended daily intake and Britain’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies has raised the idea that sugar may even be addictive. Nicole’s book – part memoir, part guide – will help people to give up sugar. She interviews experts, including nutritionists, cardiologists, and psychologists, to back up the science and explore the link between sugar, validation and our emotions. Nicole shares with readers how she did it, why they should, what they can expect and how they can do it – with recipes, expert tips and help along the way. This book will tell you what to kick and what to keep and how not to fall into the secret sugar traps. Nicole Mowbray is an established writer and former editor of Life&Style and Femail of the Daily Mail. She has since written for Vogue, Grazia, The Times, the Guardian and Marie Claire. Nicole wrote an article about giving up sugar for Vogue and the article was syndicated in 14 countries and became one of the biggest hits ever on Vogue online.

Orion Non-Fiction • June 2014


Location: London Available for interview @nicolemowbray