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Orion Humour / Autobiography HB October £16.99 256pp 978 1 4091 5247 7 eBook: £16.99 / 978 1 4091 5249 1

KEITH LEMON Little Keith Lemon Memoirs From My Childhood

Keith Lemon’s hilarious prequel to Being Keith, this is his memoir of life as a northern youngster. Have you ever wondered how Keith Lemon went from life as a young nipper in Leeds to being the strawberry blonde star of Celebrity Juice surrounded by bang tidy lasses? In this Adrian Mole meets Viz’s Profanisaurus-style memoir, Keith reveals the story of his childhood, lifting the lid on all the experiences of northern youth that have led him to become the international ladies’ man and national treasure he is today. Keith reminisces about his journey from baby to babemagnet, delving deep into his past and his early years as an unbelievably talented youngster in Leeds (even before he became a professional sex symbol). Keith Lemon was ‘Businessman of the Year ’93, and is now a national treasure, often mistaken for celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke or Owen Wilson with a bettershaped nose. He presents Celebrity Juice and Through the Keyhole.


Location: London Available for interview f/officialkeithlemon @lemontwitter

Orion Non-Fiction • October 2014

Orion Humour HB October £12.99 144pp B/w illustrations throughout 978 1 4091 4656 8 eBook: £12.99 / 978 1 4091 4658 2

SIR TERRY WOGAN The Little Book of Common Sense

Sir Terry Wogan shares his opinion on just about everything, from money, relationships and fame to life in general. This little work is designed to bring you back, again and again, to refresh your view and attitude to life and living. You will find no easy answers to your dilemmas here, rather an alternative view of how to approach them. Or to be honest, just Sir Terry’s view. You never know, you might even agree with him... Life: One day at a time. But look where you’re going . . . particularly on a bike. Honesty: Only works with strangers and people you hope to never meet again. Terry Wogan was presenter to the most listened to breakfast show in the UK, BBC Radio 2’s Wake Up to Wogan. In a moment of weakness Her Majesty the Queen honoured him with a knighthood in 2005. He is married to the sainted Lady Helen and has two sons and a daughter.


Location: Buckinghamshire Available for interview @terry_wogan