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Issue • nd quarter






4 From the editor

6 Code of conduct for philosophers

10 Feature: open access publishing Richard Holton

14 Mediawatch

15 Disabled philosophers Shelley Tremain

18 There are no epistemic peers Ophelia Benson

20 Footnote politics Lisa Herzog

22 Group privacy Luciano Floridi

24 Religious debate and data Wendy M Grossman

26 Philosophers in the First World War Michel Petheram

34 A Nietzschean heresy Louise Mabille

39 GM foods Phil Hutchinson and Rupert Read

46 Sympathy for the devils Greg Littman

54 Snapshot: Martin Knutzen Ray Cavanaugh

57 That’s just your opinion John Corvino

62 Suspicious minds Patrick Stokes

68 The pleasures of the table Julian Baggini

76 Forum: Chinese philosophy

110 Editors’ pick: Journal of Applied Philosophy

Christopher D Bennett

113 The sins of filmmakers Jean Kazez

115 Reviews

127 What the critics said Adam Ferner tpm 2ND QUARTER 2014

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