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2nd Quarter 2014 Issue 28 An IC Publication

The technology behind Africa’s banking boom Islamic finance – the perfect fit for Africa?

African currencies under the cosh Microfinance shows the way in Ghana

Internet fraud on the rise in

South Africa

In conversation with

Albert Essien

Getting Ecobank back on track

EUROZONE €8.00, UK £5.50, USA $9.95, CFA Zone CFA5.000, Egypt E£40, Ethiopia R100, Gambia Da100, Ghana GH¢10.00, Japan ¥1400, Kenya KShs580, Kuwait KD2.500, Mauritius MR300, Morocco Dh60, Nigeria N1000, Sierra Leone LE 20000 Singapore S$14, South Africa R45.00 (inc tax), other Southern African countries R35 (excl tax), Switzerland SFr15.00, Tanzania TShs10,000, Tunisia TD5.000, UAE Dh30, Uganda USh15,000, Zambia ZMK 30

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