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The European Business Review January - February 2014






5 New Business Models and the Changing Contexts of Business School

Peter Lorange, Jagdish N. Sheth & Howard Thomas

10 Work Teams Have Emotions, Too (and you need to understand them) Sigal G. Barsade & Donald E. Gibson

14 How to Boost the Insight Generation Power of Your Worforce in

Innovation Alessandro Di Fiore

20 The Solution Economy: A New Way to Solve Social Problems

William D. Eggers and Paul Macmillan

24 Delivering Innovation in Unified Communications 26 Stop the Nonsense! Innovation is a Discipline.

Jay Rao

30 Innovation: A Critical Capability

Scott J. Edgett

34 Staying Power: Managing Innovation in an Uncertain World

Michael A. Cusumano

41 Achieving Demand Planning Excellence

Karin Bursa

45 Want More Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship?

Go Low-Tech! Terence Tse & Mark Esposito

50 Nelson Mandela as A Strategic Leader

Paul J. H. Schoemaker

56 Who Says Yes When the Headhunter Calls?

Peter Cappelli & Monika Hamori

60 Meeting Expectations

John Sutherland

64 Jealous Leader´s Behaviour: the Othello Boss Syndrome José Ramón Pin & Guido Stein

70 The Globally Intergrated Enterprise: Developing Enterprise

Intergration as a Strategic Capability Maximilian Chowanetz & Sia Siew Kien

75 Logistics Clusters: The Feedback Loop Leading to Economic Growth and Jobs Yossi Sheffi 81 Attributes of Engineers and Engineering for the 21st Century World

PE Seeram Ramakrishna

“Executives higher up in the organisational hi- erarchy were less likely to decline the search firm’s invitation than their lower-ranking counterparts. ” Peter Cappelli & Monika Hamori, Leadership, p.56

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