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FREEDOM FROM VIOLENCE Among the most common human rights abuses worldwide, male violence is more likely to kill or maim women aged 15-44 than cancer, malaria, war and traffic accidents combined.8

30% of women worldwide have experienced violence by an intimate partner.2

20,000 ‘honour’ killings estimated to take place each year, globally.9

117 million girls thought missing due to ‘sex selection’ before birth, neglect and infanticide.10

2 women are murdered every day in Guatemala.11

c a s e s o fr e p o r t e d


100 80 60 40


Sexual violence Rape case attrition in selected European countries4

Austria England and Wales




uspect identified Suspect interviewed Suspect charged Referred for trial Trial at court Conviction Victim interviewed

50% of sexual assaults worldwide are committed against girls under 16.11

10 lesbians are subjected to ’corrective’ rape every week in Cape Town, South Africa.12

500,000 women (adults, children and infants) are raped in South Africa every year, the highest rate worldwide.13

Legal redress4,14

64% drop in domestic violence in the US (1994-2010), following the Violence against Women Act. 52 countries have explicitly criminalized marital rape.

125 countries outlaw domestic violence.

BODY POLITIC Plastic surgery procedures in the US over 15-year period15

1997 2011 2.1 million 9.1 million

US Brazil China Japan Mexico Italy S Korea India no of procedures, millions

% share

3.1 1.4 1.0 0.9 0.7 0.7 0.6 0.4

21% 10% 7% 6% 5% 5% 4% 3%

hare of total cosmetic (surgical and nonsurgical) procedures, 201116

1 in 5 women in South Korea undergoes cosmetic surgery – the highest ratio in the world.17

Dress/undress 1 in 5 teenage girls in the US has been asked to send nude or suggestive pictures online.18

12% say they feel pressured to do it.19

100 the number of women arrested daily in Tehran for not wearing proper Islamic head dress.20

80% of all 10-year-old girls in the US have dieted.21


68,000 women die from unsafe abortions each year. 61 countries severely restrict women’s right to abortion. Africa AsiaEurope Latin America N America Oceania & the Caribbean

% of women in relationships using any method of contraception

28 67 71 72 73 59

isk of maternal death

1 in 7,300 developed world

1 in 22 sub-Saharan


DOMESTIC WORK 22,23 Women spend at least twice as much time as men on unpaid housework, in all regions. British men and women, daily housework in minutes



52 20

1975 2004

women men

Sharing care Average minutes per day devoted by men to childcare Britain Norway US 1970s 10 13 11 2000 17 22 23

1 Dan Smith, State of the World Atlas, Myriad/ New Internationalist, 2013. Based on UNDP Gender Inequality Index. 2 MDGs Gender Chart 2014, UN Women. 3 Government statistics Canada. 4 Progress of the World’s Women 2011-2012, UN Women. 5 The American Association of University Women. 6 Dan Smith, State of the World Atlas, Myriad/ New Internationalist, 2013. 7 Women in national parliaments as of 1 April 2014. Inter-Parliamentary Union. 8 Nicolas D Kristof, ‘Is Delhi So Different From Steubenville?’, 12 January 2013, New York Times. 9 Ahmed Maher, ‘Many Jordan teenagers “support honour killings”’, 20 June 2013, BBC News. 10 UNFPA, Sex Imbalances at birth: current trends, consequences and policy implications, 2012. 11 Fast facts: statistics on violence against women and girls. 12 Fihlani Pumza, ‘South Africa’s lesbians fear corrective rape’, BBC News, 6 November 2012. 13 ‘South Africa: One in four men rape’, IRIN news. 14 US Bureau of Justice Statistics. 15 The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 16 International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery global statistics. 17 Asian Century Institute. 18 Study by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and, in 2008. 19 ‘11 facts about sexting’. 20 Hossein Fatemi, Veiled Truths, Panos photo story. 21 ‘80% of 10-year-old girls in the US say they’ve been on a diet,’ June 2012, 22 The World’s Women 2010, UN. 23 Beatrix Campbell, End of Equality, 2013, Seagull Books.

N e w I n t e r n at i o n a l i s t ● july/au gust 2 014 ● 19

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