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the Friend

Vol 166 No 26


3 Hlekweni carries on

4 Renting Meeting places

5 A visit to America

6 Supporting domestic partnerships – a new approach? Alick Munro

7 Comment Pamala McDougall and Andrew Wallace

8-9 Letters

10-11 Fritz Schumacher: an appreciation Godric Bader

12 The Committee for New Quaker Clichéés Chuck Fager

13 Not much to laugh about in religion? Judy Kirby Silent Light Jez Smith

14 Dilemma: does it matter where it is spent? A response to ‘Loving and Losing Lilly’ Jan Lethbridge

15 How many wardens does it take to change a low-energy lightbulb? Su Chard

16 q-eye: a wry look at the Quaker world

17 Friends & Meetings

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the Friend , 27 June 2008

27 June 2008

Cover: Be open to new light, from whatever source it may come? Who changes the lightbulbs in Quaker Meeting houses? Photo: Foxtongue/flickr CC:BY See page 15

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