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the week Leading article 5

Diary Penny Smith 9

Politics Fraser Nelson 10

The Spectator’s Notes 11

The Spectator/IQ2 debate 12

Flash Gordon 15

Letters 28

Another voice Matthew Parris 30

And another thing Paul Johnson 32

Mind your language 62

Business Indian tea time Richard Orange 34

Short selling Christopher Fildes 35

The end of the Church of England Theo Hobson The new Anglicanism has damaged the church beyond repair 14

The worst of all worlds David Davis Brown’s security strategy is both draconian and ineffective 16

A tennis champion’s art Melissa Kite Martina Navratilova has invented painting by ‘tennising’ 18

The Law Lords take a stand Lord Lloyd of Berwick The government’s emergency legislation usurps our liberties 19

Et tu, Scott? James Forsyth A conversation with President Bush’s rebellious former aide 20

Starstruck by David Cameron Steven Berkoff Actor meets politician at a Spectator party 24

How to get stabbed Rod Liddle In today’s Britain, you too can be knifed in a public place 26

Books Philip Hensher: House of Wits, by Paul Fisher 36

William Skidelsky: Prose, Volume III, by W.H. Auden 37

Bernard O’Donoghue: ‘Vocation’: a poem 37

Justin Cartwright: Hitler’s Empire, by Mark Mazower 38

Philip Hancock: ‘Mr Gaunt’s Class’: a poem 39

D. J. Taylor: Grub Street Irregular, by Jeremy Lewis 39

Leanda de Lisle: Burghley, by Stephen Alford 40

Byron Rogers: The Welsh Academy Encyclopaedia of Wales, edited by John Davies et al 41

Carey Schofield: A Case of Exploding Mangoes, by Mohammed Hanif 42

Julie O’Callaghan: ‘Broken’: a poem 42

‘You go to Tesco, I’m a conscientious objector.’

Cover by Martin Rowson. Drawings by Michael Heath, Castro, Rob Murray, Grizelda, K.J. Lamb, Appleton, Geoff Thompson, Nick Newman, Bernie and Holland.

Kate Chisholm and Deborah Ross return next week. Tamzin Lightwater is away.

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Henrietta Bredin

on Oslo’s new opera house 43

Exhibitions: Radical Light: Italy’s Divisionist Painters 1891–1910 Andrew Lambirth 44

Theatre: Black Watch; Whatever Happened to Cotton Dress Girl; Divas Lloyd Evans 46

Opera: Le nozze di Figaro Michael Tanner 47

Cinema: The Mist

Peter Hoskin 48


Marcus Berkmann 49


Simon Hoggart 50

Life High life

Taki 50

Low life Jeremy Clarke 51

Real life Melissa Kite 52

The table Richard Sennett 53

Bridge Janet de Botton 53

styLe And trAveL Moving pictures John Torode 54

And finALLy . . . Chess Raymond Keene 56

Competition; Crossword 56, 57

Status anxiety Toby Young 62

Sport Roger Alton 63

Your problems solved Mary Killen 63 THE SPECTATOR 5 July 2008 7