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1 Editorial

5 Brecht on the South Bank: Translations and Poems ‘after Brecht’ by Adrian Mitchell, Andy Croft, Lavinia Greenlaw, Ulrike Draesner, Iain Galbraith, David Constantine, Bert Papenfuss, Andrew Duncan, Albert Ostermaier and Tom Cheesman – introduced by Karen Leeder

33 Bertolt Brecht, four new Herr Keuner Stories and a short Reflection on the Constitution, translated by Tom Kuhn

38 Gonççalo Tavares, five stories, translated by Desiréée Jung

45 Thomas Brasch, five poems, translated by Ken Cockburn

51 Mimi Khalvati, five ghazals

59 Damian Walford Davies, ‘Kilvert’, with illustrations by Lucy Wilkinson

67 Ellen Coverdale, two poems after Lorenzetti and Courbet

71 Pascale Petit, two poems after Renéé Magritte and Leonor Fini

74 Jeff Nosbaum, ‘Ukiyo-e’, after Ryoi

76 Alison Brackenbury, ‘1.15 a.m.’

78 Tara Bergin, ‘Himalayan Balsam for a Soldier’, after Christina Rossetti’s ‘Winter: My Secret’

82 Oliver Reynolds, ‘MVM’

89 David Hart, ‘He came mute . . .’

91 Andrea Zanzotto, ‘Hypersonnet’, translated by Peter Hainsworth

106 Tom Cheesman, ‘Owain Glyndwr Explained to an Algerian Asylum-Seeker – Act V’ ˆ

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