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W&N Fiction HB / ETPB April £12.99 / £13.99 400pp 978 0 297 60847 9 / 978 0 297 60848 6 eBook: £12.99 / 978 0 297 60849 3

BERNHARD AICHNER Woman of the Dead Translated by Anthea Bell

‘After the Scandi noir genre, what next? Very probably Aichner’s murderous heroine, I think.’ Anthea Bell Blum seems to have it all: the perfect husband, police detective Mark, two daughters and a thriving undertaking business. But when Mark is killed in a hit and run, Blum stumbles across one of his investigations and realises there is far more to his death than meets the eye. And, as she discovers, the line between investigating and avenging is an easy one to cross. Already chosen by the Bookseller and the Herald as a title to watch, Woman of the Dead was a buzz book at Frankfurt Book Fair 2013, with rights sold around the globe. Kill Bill meets Dexter via The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Woman of the Dead is, as German magazine Stern puts it, ‘a kick-ass thriller’. Bernhard Aichner is a novelist and photographer. As research for Woman of the Dead, he worked as an undertaker’s assistant for six months.


Location: Innsbruck, Austria Available for interview

200th Anniversary


W&N Historical fiction HB June £20.00 368pp 978 0 297 87186 6 eBook: £20.00 / 978 0 297 87187 3

ADRIAN GOLDSWORTHY Whose Business is to Die

‘Goldsworthy is a fine military historian . . . exemplary’ Independent Having already captivated audiences with the previous six novels in his Napoleonic series, accomplished historian Adrian Goldsworthy is back with another riveting read. This book will feature the battle of Waterloo to coincide with the 200th anniversary. ‘In this Jane Austen-meets-Bernard Cornwell novel, Goldsworthy brilliantly evokes the reality of life – and death – in the early 19th century British Army’ Daily Mail on True Soldier Gentlemen Adrian Goldsworthy is an acclaimed historian and author of several books, which have sold more than a quarter of a million copies and been translated into more than a dozen languages. He regularly contributes to TV documentaries on Roman themes.


Location: Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Available for interview

W&N Fiction • April / June 2015