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W&N Current Affairs HB / TPB April £20.00 / £14.99 320pp 16pp colour illustrations 978 0 297 87122 4 / 978 0 297 87123 1 eBook: £20.00 / 978 0 297 87124 8

ALEX PERRY The Rift Stories from the New Africa

An evocative and insightful new picture of a fascinating, bewildering and rapidly changing continent. Taking the Great Rift Valley as his central metaphor, Alex Perry explores the split between a resurgent Africa and a world at odds with its rise. By exploding the myths about the continent, Perry reveals the stunning face of modern Africa, a place where cash is becoming a thing of the past, where African astronomers are unlocking the origin of life and where, twenty-five years after Live Aid, Ethiopia’s first yuppies are traders on an electronic food exchange. Alex Perry was TIME magazine’s bureau chief in Africa until he left his job, partly out of frustration with the limits of the story he could tell as a foreign correspondent. This book is the result. Alex Perry is an award-winning journalist and expert on Africa. His awards include honours from the Society of Publishers in Asia, the Foreign Press Association in London and the Overseas Press Club in New York.


Location: Warnford, Hampshire Available for interview @PerryAlexJ

W&N Biography/History HB April £20.00 320pp 8pp colour illustrations 978 0 297 86863 7 eBook: £20.00 / 978 0 297 86864 4

NANCY GOLDSTONE The Rival Queens The Betrayal that Ignited a Kingdom

The extraordinary lives of two formidable queens in Renaissance France. Catherine de’ Medici (1519–1589), the infamous queen mother of France, was a consummate pragmatist and powerbroker who dominated the throne for thirty years. Her youngest daughter Marguerite (1553–1615), the glamorous ‘Queen Margot’, was the only adversary whom her mother could neither intimidate nor control. When Catherine forced the Catholic Marguerite to marry her Protestant cousin Henry of Navarre against her will, and then used her Parisian wedding as a means of luring his Huguenot followers to their deaths, she created not only savage conflict within France but also a potent rival within her own family. Rich in historical detail and vivid prose, Nancy Goldstone’s narrative is a thrilling historical epic. Nancy Goldstone is the author of Four Queens: The Provençal Sisters Who Ruled Europe, Joanna: The Notorious Queen of Naples, Jerusalem and Sicily and The Maid and the Queen: The Secret History of Joan of Arc and Yolande of Aragon.


Location: New York, USA Available for interview

W&N Non-Fiction / Current Affairs / History • April 2015