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CHRIS LINTOTT Untitled (title to be crowdsourced)

An inspiring manifesto for the power of the crowd, exploring the ways crowdsourcing is changing scientific research, our world and ourselves. This is the story of what is happening in this, the era of big data. Drawing on his experience setting up the extraordinarily successful Zooniverse platform, where over a million ordinary internet users contribute significantly to scientific research, Chris Lintott describes the origins and ongoing state of crowdsourcing. In this inspiring, provocative argument, he shows how, collectively, we can beat the experts, and digs deep into the science of human motivation. Chris Lintott is an astronomer at the University of Oxford and a research fellow at New College. He is best known as the presenter of the BBC’s Sky at Night, and as co-author with Patrick Moore and Brian May of Bang! and The Cosmic Tourist.

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ALISTAIR HORNE Hubris War in the Twentieth Century

The battles that defined the history of the twentieth century, and shaped the twenty-first. The ancient Greeks defined hubris as the worst sin a leader, or a nation, could commit. It was the mindset of supreme arrogance, where mortals would set themselves up against the gods with invariably terrible consequences. In this brilliant work of narrative history Alistair Horne analyses several engagements of the twentieth century which had consequences above and beyond the war itself, affecting the wider course of history and our own times. The common thread running through Horne’s choices is hubris, or complacency, or a deadly mix of the two. Alistair Horne is the celebrated author of numerous works of narrative history and politics, including Seven Ages of Paris, The Age of Napoleon and Kissinger’s Year, which have been translated into several languages. He was awarded the Hawthornden Prize for The Price of Glory and the Wolfson Prize for A Savage War of Peace.


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