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W&N Poetry HB February £14.99 160pp 978 0 297 60874 5 eBook: £14.99 / 978 0 297 60875 2

VIKRAM SETH Summer Requiem

A breathtaking new collection of poetry from Vikram Seth, author of A Suitable Boy ‘the best writer of his generation’ (The Times). Summer Requiem is a memorial to the radiant days of summers past. From the strewing of pollen and flowers in bloom, to the bitterness of fading light, skeletal trees and the cold silence left behind, Vikram Seth traces the ebb and flow of all that lives and all that will perish. Immense, moving and profound, these poems celebrate moments of light, of creativity and inspiration, while also seeking repose for the soul in the dark vigil of night. Tender and mournful, they show how the passing of the seasons is mirrored in the passing of life. A Suitable Boy has sold over 1.3 million copies in the UK alone. Vikram Seth is the author of A Suitable Boy, an international No. 1 bestseller and one of the best-loved novels of recent times. Among his other works are An Equal Music, The Golden Gate and several volumes of poetry, including Beastly Tales from Here and There.


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‘A phenomenon, a prodigy, a marvel . . . It is hard to believe that Seth is only one man’– Evening Standard


The Rivered Earth

A beautiful reissue of Vikram Seth’s acclaimed poetic work, The Rivered Earth. The Rivered Earth comprises four libretti to accompany music by Alec Roth, along with an account of the pleasures and pains of working with a composer. The poems – ‘Songs in Time of War’, ‘Shared Ground’, ‘The Traveller’ and ‘Seven Elements’ – touch on Chinese, European and Indian civilisations and are rich with literary and musical allusions, not least to George Herbert, in whose Wiltshire house much of the work was created. ‘A rich poetic experience’ Independent ‘The language has a remarkably direct, almost naïve fullness of rhythm and rhyme . . . extraordinary’ Guardian ‘Such writing reminds us that there are secrets beyond technique, beyond style, which have to do with a quality of soul on the part of the writer’ Guardian on A Suitable Boy

W&N Poetry HB June £16.99 160pp 978 0 297 60876 9 eBook: £16.99 / 978 0 297 60877 6

W&N Fiction • February / June 2015