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Gollancz Science Fiction TPB January £16.99 400pp 978 0 575 09322 5 eBook: £16.99 / 978 0 575 09324 9

TONY GONZALES The Tabit Genesis

A stunning SF saga for all fans of the Lost Fleet novels. Earth is finished, laid waste by alien attack. Two massive generation ships are all that is left out in the void, to carry the fight back to the enemy. But can they possibly hope to defeat them? And just what are they fighting for? Revenge? Themselves? Survival? Driven by strong characters facing unendurable odds, this is SF in the grand tradition: an epic adventure full of huge ships, vast battles and epic challenges. Tony Gonzales puts you at the centre of a dark future but shows that there is always hope. Perfect for fans of Jack Campbell and Peter F. Hamilton. Tony Gonzales is the author of two successful EVE Online novels.

Gollancz Fantasy TPB February £16.99 368pp 978 0 575 13046 3 eBook: £16.99 / 978 0 575 13048 7

ELIZABETH MAY The Vanishing Throne

The world fell to an apocalypse, but the Falconer survived – and now she must save her friends. The Falconer was one of the most anticipated cross-over YA novels of 2013 and ended with an explosive cliffhanger. Readers have been on the edge of their seats to find out what happened next; now we finally return to Edinburgh and see what, and who, survived the destruction. ‘Elizabeth May’s debut is a wicked cocktail of Jane Austen’s high society and the Grimm’s fairy tales. Absolutely wonderful: a Must Read Now novel’ Sci-Fi Now on The Falconer Elizabeth May is a PhD student and a professional photographer. The Falconer was her debut novel.


Location: New Jersey, USA Available for interview @OxideTower author:

Location: Edinburgh Available for interview @_ElizabethMay

Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • January / February 2015