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Gollancz Fantasy HB/TPB April £20.00/£16.99 416pp 978 0 575 13084 5/ 978 0 575 13085 2 eBook: £16.99 / 978 0 575 13087 6

Gollancz Fantasy TPB May £16.99 512pp 978 0 575 09210 5 eBook: £16.99 / 978 0 575 09212 9

ANTOINE ROUAUD The Ember in the Ashes The Book and the Sword: 2

An extraordinary adventure, filled with misdirection and surprises, continues! The Path of Anger was ‘A sword and sorcery romp’ (SciFiNow), highly recommended by Fantasy Book Critic as ‘top tier fantasy . . . outstandingly done, which stands out from the usual genre offering’ and this sequel by Antoine Rouaud, translated by Tom Clegg, takes the adventure to a whole new level. Antoine Rouaud’s work is perfect for fans of Trudi Canavan and Brent Weeks.

STEPHEN HUNT Foul Tide’s Turning

An exceptional adventure is about to become an extraordinary war . . . Jacob Carnehan rescued his son from slavery, but he may have started a war – one where he is hopelessly overmatched – and his wits and ruthlessness will only take him so far. Carter Carnehan has gone from slave to revolutionary, but what will his beliefs be worth when they come under fire? The Carnehans are about to find out. ‘Wonderfully assured . . . Hunt knows what his audience like and gives it to them with a sardonic wit and carefully developed tension’ Time Out Stephen Hunt is a superb novelist with a loyal following, a social media pioneer and an award-winning author.

Gollancz Science Fiction TPB May £16.99 368pp 978 0 575 13064 7 eBook: £16.99 978 0 575 13066 1


The concluding part of the most original science fantasy of recent years. With his loving evocation of a dark and fantastical realm that owes much to the myth and history of twentieth century Russia, Peter Higgins has created one of the most original and critically lauded works of recent years. Adored by critics and authors such as Hannu Rajaniemi, Ian McDonald and Richard Morgan, the Wolfhound Century novels now reach their extraordinary conclusion. Peter Higgins has had his short stories published in many magazines, as well as in Russian translation. Wolfhound Century was his debut novel.


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Gollancz Science Fiction & Fantasy • April / May 2015


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