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Tanyol / Christie


Like a motionless river the city pours into its own dark waters I know, at this moment a train laden with impossible dreams vanishes into the night A ship vanishes into the night and the dark country of stars Every moment everywhere some part from others Every moment everywhere some meet with others All the roads breathe quietly – in and out.

Here are the lonely the army’s horseless wrestlers The prayer-mat spread for darkness, the clock its directions to Mecca broken

Everything in a faded mirror’s fathomless depths, the wolf-pack racing down the hills, exiles from snowy plains doorbells, provisions, death oozing from the last shift Everything rushing in panic to the city to drown in its dark waters.

Vase Poem

1This is a tubby vase, can the years have removed its tiny waist?

That’s surely not a sunflower reaching above the rim but a bright red carnation that nobody loves

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