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Now the beloved, round lamp-moon lights up in the house. And now it’s going out, gapes like a wound.

How little our lives are here and how vast the nothingness. The heavens, weary of light, to snow gave all they possess.

The two tall trees incline their heads, as though to converse. Clouds drift through the stillness, dance through the universe.

Walser / Hamburger

12In Moonlight

I thought when the night was deep that the stars must be singing, for, roused from my sleep, I heard a gentle ringing.

But it was a little harp that pierced the walls of my room, and through the cold, the sharp night it rang out like doom.

I thought of vain struggles, vain clinging, the prayer, the curse breathed away, and long I still heard the singing, long awake I lay.

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