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JennyJoseph’s first bookof poems, The Unlooked-for Season, came out in1960. Since thenshe has publisheda dozenor more volumes of prose and verse, among themworks for children. She collaborated with the photographer Robert Mitchell inBeachedBoats (Enitharmon1991). Hermostrecent publicationfromBloodaxeis Extreme of Things (2006), which, togetherwithnewwork, drawsonfourpreviouscollections.

MarthaKaposisanAmericanlivinginLondon. MyNights in Cupid’sPalacereceivedaPoetryBookSociety SpecialCommendationandwonthe Jerwood/AldeburghPrize for Best First Collection. Sheistheassistantpoetryeditorof PoetryLondon.

Niyati Keni is a writer andphysicianbasedinSussex. Her essayinthisissueisanexcerptfromonewrittenfortheMasters ProgrammeinWritingat SheffieldHallamUniversity, from wheresherecentlygraduatedwithdistinction. Sheiscurrently workingonthefinal draftof herfirstnovel.

CharlieLouthteaches Germanat Queen’s College, Oxford. Heis theauthor ofHöölderlinandtheDynamics ofTranslation.He hasalsotranslatedHöölderlin’slettersandisnowatworkona critical introductiontoRilke.

Arthur McHugh is fromGlasgow, and now lives in Birmingham. He has published poems and translations in periodicalsthroughouttheU.K.

Stephanie Norgate’s poems have appeared in Oxford Poets 2000, ForwardPoems of the Decade, Magma, PoetryLondon, The Poetry Cure (Bloodaxe 2005), Reactions 3, MsLexia andelsewhere. Bloodaxewill publishavolumeof her poetry, Hidden River, next year. Her five-part dramatisationof ElizabethL. Banks’sTheJournalisticAdventuresof AnAmericanGirlinLondon wastheWomanHour’sSerial onRadio4in2003.

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