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TsvetankaElenkova SixPoems TranslatedbyJonathanDunne

TsvetankaElenkovawas borninSofia, Bulgaria, in1968and educatedat the RussianHighSchool andthe Universityof National and World Economics. After a short stint in her opera-singer father’s footsteps, sheturnedtoher great loveof literature. She co-foundedAh, Maria, the first independent literarymagazineinBulgariaafterthefallof Communismand has proceededto publishthree poetry collections, the most recent of which, The Seventh Gesture (2005), is due to be publishedinJonathanDunne’stranslationbyShoestringPress in2008. Herworkhasappeared inthe sadlydisappearedOrient Express (UK) andinAbsinthe (US), andhasbeentranslatedina total ofthirteen countries,fromArgentinaandChiletoTurkey and Ukraine. She translates fromEnglish and Greek into Bulgarian, includingthe anthology of Indianmystic poetry Speaking of SivaandJonathanDunne’s selectionof Raymond Carver’s poetry Luck. She co-edits the Bulgarian publisher Balkani’sseriesof ModernEnglishPoetry.

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