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When Saturday Comes No 333 November 2014

Early arrivals at Villa Park

REGULARS 7 Editorial The FA’s Wembley ties are further damaging the nation’s view of the England team

8 Sidelines Chester andWrexham caught in a bubble;

Fulham’s fast fall; non-League fanownership; Blackpool’s and Hereford’s offfield messes; Swans reach the big screen

14 Shot! Marlow FC – the club whohave applied for entry to every FA Cup since its inception

17 Harry Pearson column Ahistory of players whowore glasses on the pitch during matches

“I was half cut. So because I couldn’t run I hit this ball from 35 yards and it screamed into the net” Playing in the NASL p36

24 Focus on... Blackburn Rovers of 1882, one of the earliest challengers to school old boys’ dominance

32 Euro view

Russia’s second tier struggling for support; third-party ownership crucial in Portugal; fans come together for change in Spain

39 World view

Dealing with fan violence after the death of a player in Algeria

40 Books Louis van Gaal’s influence; behind Bobby

Moore; players’ tales of war; penalty kings

42 Letters “I can tell you what stewards are looking for when they walk up and down the steps...”

46 Last word Open letters to fans from players need to be torn up and thrown in the bin

FEATURES 18 Off kilter Fans in Scotland were more likely to have voted Yes; young Scots should move to Europe

20 Disruptive innovation There are plenty of ways technology could be used in the future but it’s not all for good


Unfortunately for Villa fans, as with Nigel Havers and Chariots of Fire, their club’s Oscarwinning moment was at the start of the 1980s Aston Villa v Arsenal p26

22 Moving daze The benefits of Spurs’ new stadium are diminishing; QPR’s plans put in doubt by a fan

26 Match of the month Surprising signs of optimism around Villa

Park are swiftly snuffed out by a virus

30 Small scale Mini football is popular but isn’t taken seriously; how to play against someone better

35 Open competition The FAVase is 40 years old and continues to provide excitement for all participants

36 Twilight years Whenaverage Brits found a home in the NASL;

increasing options for a final payday

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