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monthlyOctober1981editorial,advertising,subscriptions: 37 Museum St, London WCIA ILP. Telephone Ol-405 7577 Subscription rates: UK £6 including p&p (10 issues per annum; Europe outside UK, add £1.50 for postage; outside Europe, US $25 airmail or equivalent. Editors: Peter Townsend, Jack Wendler Editorial /s ubscription : Irena Oliver Advertising/ distribution : Nell Wendler Listings /salerooms : Margaret Garlake Layout : Geoff Jenkins

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Westkunst - Modernism's Restkunst? Benjamin Buchloh 3 Soviet Art Reconsidered I l l Peter Smith 5 Exhibitions Patrick Heron by Peter Fuller; Ian McKeever by Sue Arrowsmith; Moenchengladbach at Edinburgh by Richard Calvocoressi; Francesco Clemente by Mark Francis; Berli"n DAAD by Peter Sedgley; Ghisha Koenig by Cyril Barrett ; Sean Scully by Michael Newham; Austin Wright by John Glaves-Smith; Ceri Richards, David Jones, and Cecil Collin s by Andrew Smith 8 Artnotes 19 Correspondence Peter Fuller, Lesley Greene, Joanna Drew , Giles Auty, Caryn Faure Walker, Jock McFadyen, David Grimbleby, Arthur Pigeon Wandsworth, Lucy Milton, Axe! Heibel 23 Sponsorship: An ABC of Autumn Sponsorship and Patronage Deanna Petherbridge 27 Artlobby Peter Dormer 29 Moving pictures Kevin Gough-Yates 32 Salerooms Margaret Garlake 34 Artlaw Henry Lydiate 35 Gallery listings 37

Contributors Benjamin Buchloh is editor of the publishing programme at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax . . . Peter Smith teaches at Ealing . . . Peter Fuller's latest book , Robert Natkin, is published by Abrams in New York . . . Sue Arrowsmith is a painter and teaches at Winchester School of Art . . . Richard Calvocoressi is at the Tate Gallery . . . Mark Francis is at Whitechapel Art Gallery . . . Peter Sedgley is an artist living in Berlin . . . Cyril Barrett is head at the philosophy department at Warwick University . . . Michael Newman writes for ZG . . . John Glaves-Smith is a freelance art critic . . . Andrew Smith is a freelance art critic . . . Deanna Petherbridge is an artist and also writes for Architectural Review . . . Peter Dormer is news and reviews editor of Crafts Magazine . . . Kevin Gough-Yates is a publisher and writer . . . Margaret Garlate is taking a post-graduate degree at the Courtauld Institute . . . Henry Lydiate is a barrister with a particular interest in the law insofar as it relates to the Arts .

We wish to acknowledge the financial assistance of the Arts Council of Great Britain.


Jane Bown, 'The Gentle Eye ' , photographs, to Oct 11. Steve Matheson, paintings; Martin Roberts, photographs, Oct 14-Nov 7. City Art Gallery: 'The British worker' , to Oct 31 . Portsmouth, Asp ex Gallery , 27 Brougham Rd , Southsea : 11 artists from Spacex Gallery, Exeter, to Oct 25. City Museum & Art Gallery : Michael Chase, watercolours, Oct 10-Nov 15. Aoc:heater, Abbotsholme School: Chris Killip, 'Isle of Man', photographs , Oct 31 -Nov 22. Rochc181e, Art Gallery, The Esplanade: Paul Butler, to Oct 18. leslie Holmes and George Smethurst , Oct 24-Nov 15. Rye, Art Gallery : 'The Stormonts and their circle', to Oct 25. St ~·.. Hertfordshire College of Art and Design , 7 Hatfield Rd: Graduation shows, to Oct 15. St t.eon.d'a on Sea, Photogallery : Kate Salway, to Oct 24. Selcombe, Windjammer Crafts, 2 Russell Ct, ForeSt : Autumn exhibition '81 , to Oct 17. Scarborough, Crescent Art Gallery : Scarborough Art Society, Oct 3-31 . Crescent Arts Workshop , The Basement , Crescent Art Gallery: lynne Baird , paintings and drawings, to Oct 31 . Scunthorpe, Central l ibrary , Carlton St: P. Mason, drawings and paintings, to Oct 24. 'Humberside Annual Festival of Art ' , Oct 26-Nov 14. Sheffield, City Polytechnic , Psalter lane: David Boston , jewellery , Oct 8-Nov 3. Embroidery by Bed students , Oct 12-30. Stuart Hall , blacksmith, Oct 19-Nov 3. Second Brunei photoshow, from Nov 5. Phillip Francis Gallery, Eccleshall Rd : John Burman , oils and watercolours, to Oct 17. Annual craft exhibition , Oct 24-Nov 14. Graves Art Gallery, Surrey St : David Jones, to Oct 11 . Francis Davison, to Nov 1. Jane Bown, 'The Gentle Eye' , photographs, Oct 24-Nov 22. Mappin Art Gallery, Weston Pk : Tolly Cobbold Eastern Arts exhibition, to Oct 11. Women artists, from the 18th century to the present, Oct 17-Nov 22. Gertrude Hermes, engravings and sculpture, Oct 24-Nov 22 . Doreen Fletcher , paintings , to Oct 11 . Charles Chapman's tractor, Oct 17-Nov 15. The Untitled Gallery, Howard Road , Walkley: Susan Jahoda, to Oct 24. Ken Brown, Karen Knorr, Oct 28-Nov 20. Southempton, Art Gallery, Civic Centre: 'Art and the Sea', to Oct 25. 'Chairs by craftsmen' , to Oct 11 . John Hansard Gallery, The University : 'Art and the Sea' , to Oct 22. ' Paintings of Lincoln ', Oct 31 -Nov 29. Stamord, Wilfrid Wood Art Gallery : Annual exhibition of Welland Valley Art Society, Oct 7-17.

Stolce-ut-Trent, City Museum & Art Gallery : Bow Porcelain, to Oct 31 . C. W. Brown, 'The potteries primitive', to Oct 24. 7 studio potters, to Oct 31 . Harold Gilman, Oct 10-Nov 14. Stron•-· Orkney. The Pier Arts Cen tre , Victoria St: Gunnie Moberg, Janet Sykes, Ken Waugh, photographs, to Oct 17. James Cowie, Oct 24-Nov 21. Sunderland, Ceolfrith Gallery, Sunderland Arts Centre: Sean Scully, paintings 1971-1981; Colin Rose, paintings; 'Book work ' , to Oct 31. Sutton, Wandle Gallery: Artists from Hebden Bridge, to Oct 10. Sw-. Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Alexandra Rd: 'Gedok' , drawings and prints by women from Mannheim, to Oct 24. Ceri Richards, to Nov 7. Tomocroct-, Ben Ghlas Showroom and Gallery : 'Traditional crafts for modern needs' , thru ' Oct. Wakefleld, Elizabethan Exhibition Gallery, Brook St : lvor Westwood and Shirley Ross, ' landscape in thread', weaving , to Oct 31. Museum: Cartoons from the 18th century to the present, Oct 10-Jan 17. Art Gallery, Wentworth Terrace : Eric Woodward, watercolours, Oct 17-Nov 22. W~. Buddle Arts Centre, 358b Station Rd : 'North Tyneside Survey', photographs by lsabella Jedrzjezyk, Graham Smith, Sirkka -l isa Kontinnen and Marketa luskacova, to Oct 24.

'Northern printmaking - a selected view' , from Oct 30. Wlrkaworth, The Gallery, West End: William Barber, portraits and land scapes, to Oct 17. Sheila Marshall,landscape paintings, Oct 25-Nov 15. York, City Art Gallery, Exhibition Sq : Northern Potters, to Oct 25.

Northem Ireland Belt-. Arts Council Gallery, Bedford House. Londonderry, Orchard Gallery, Orchard St : Gerard Hemsworth, new work, Oct 15-Nov 17.

Republic of Ireland Cork, Triskel Arts Centre, Bridge St . Cork Arts Society, 16 lavitts Quay. Dublin, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College: 'Mirrors and Windows', American photography since 1960, to Oct 24. National Gallery of Ireland, Merrion Square. Project Arts Centre, 39, East Essex St : Gordon Woods, to Oct 30. Kildare, Kilcock Art Gallery, School St : Trevor Geoghan , recent paintings, to Oct 31. Limerick, City Art Gallery, Perry Sq: 5th l imerick exhibition of visual art, to Oct 24.


Aime M aeght died of cancer mid-Sept. He was 75 . Lithograph y shop he opened in Cannes in 1930s led to galleries in Pari s, Zurich, Barcelon a, New York . First show in 1946 included Utrillo, Dufy, Matisse, Bonnard , Rouault. In 1947 he engaged Duchamp and Breton to put on Surreali sm show. In 1964 Maeght and hi s wife started Maeght Foundation at St -Paul-de-Vence ; designed by Jose-Luis Sert, foundati on now has 6,000 art work s . . . Serpentine Gallery's annual open submiss ion from which work selected for summer programme closes Dec 15 . All pro fessional artists l i ving UK but not exh i biting substantiall y in London eli gible. But not student s. Slides must accompany appli cati on f orm s. Forms from Serpentine Gallery, Kensin gton Gardens, London W2 3XA (01 - 402 6075) . . . Clos i ng date f or application s for Gulbenkian Video Fellowships Oct 30. Details from Gulbenkian Foundation , 98 Portland Place, London Wl (01 -636 531317). Two 1981 Fellowships available, each valued at £8,000 . . . Closing date for two short -term print making residences at Lowick House Printmaking Work shops, Cumbria, funded by ACGB , Northern Arts & GLAA, is Oct 31. Worth £1,000 each. For 10-week stint s. Apply Lesley Greene, GLAA, 25 / 31 Tavi stock Place, London WCI . . . 'Baroques ' 81 ' , organi sed by Catherine Millet , editor of Artpress magazine, at ARC, Paris, includes Buckley, Terry Setch, John Walker, Paul Neagu . . . Rudi Fuchs understood planning show 'lOO to 120' arti sts at 'documenta 7', June-Sept 1982, with up to 10 work s by each, preferably direct from artists, not from trade galleries . . . Art & Design thru ' Education Conference, Imperial College, London, Nov 7 & 8. For details , book seats, contact Neil Bally, 49 Columbia Road, London E2 (01 -729 1861 / 2) . Speakers will include Professor A spin, Richard Gregory, Clive Ashwin, Ken Baynes, & reps from BBC, NUS, CNNA, Welsh Art s Council, W&A , Design & Craft Council s.

Published and edited on behalf of Britannia Art Publications Lld by Peter Townsend and Jack Wendler . Opinions expressed in this magazine are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the publishers and editors . Origination and Printing by Pad nail Printers, 27/ 29 Macklin Street, London WC2.

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