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Cover for Art Monthly by Perry Roberts

Much Ado about Moore Mary Moore, daughter of sculptor Henry Moore, is suing the Henry Moore Foundation over the ownership of 200 sculptures, most of them 'artist's copies' of numbered editions, and other works that, it is claimed, belong to herself and her children. The Foundation, founded by the artist in 1977, disputes her claim which the director, Sir Alan Bowness (former Director of the Tate Gallery), said was 'ill-founded'. According to a report in The Guardian, Bowness insisted, 'Mr. Moore preferred to entrust the foundation to a body of his old friends who were all very close to him and knew what he wanted'. Mary Moore, who is an executor of her father 's estate, is also opposing plans to develop the sculptor's home, 'Hoglands', studio and sculpture park in Perry Green, Much Hadham in Hertfordshire. The plans include the building of a reception centre, study centre, galleries and storage space at Perry Green, to be designed by architect Jeremy Dixon which, in her view, would destroy the scale of the original buildings. In addition, one of the studios has been demolished and others gutted or altered. In an article in The Observer, Bowness said, 'We don't accept Mary's view that there have been substantial changes. One studio, a metal-framed temproary structure covered with polythene.... was dismantled in 1984 with his agreement. And a large bronze has been placed on the mound.' Besides the addition of this bronze, staff at the Foundation have apparently reselected and rearranged the outdoor display of sculpture in a way that, according to Mary Moore, betray her father's original intentions. In the same Observer article, she said 'The way he sited his works was a way of bringing people to look at things in a 3-dimensional way. He wanted them to feel sculpture. After he died I found a note which said, "If I have struggled for anything through my life, its to try and show people to look at sculpture".' The case is expected to be heard next year.


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