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Classifieds in MeMoRiaM

Order easily online at For a brochure and free samples phone 0161 873 74 57 For a brochure and free samples phone 0 1 61 873 74 57

Memoriam Cards

A. P. Westbrook Ltd. 19 Sackville Road, Bexhillon-Sea, E. Sussex TN39 3JH

Tel: 01424 212619 / Fax: 01424 210663 / e-mail: Please visit our website at Samples free on request


Special Offer!

An opportunity too good to be missed. We are not offering a job, career or even a way of life. We offer an invitation to explore if you have been invited by the Lord, to follow him in a special way as a priest or religious as an Augustinian Recollect friar. We offer you the fellowship of our communities…the opportunity to share prayer and spiritual growth…the challenge to know yourself and your purpose in life…an opportunity to serve God as a missionary in remote parts of the world, or in an inner-city parish in London or New York. The need is always there and so is the invitation. Our ‘Special Offer’ is a lifetime opportunity to follow the call of

God to serve him as an Augustinian Recollect friar.

For more information: Fr Gerald Wilson O.A.R., St Rita’s Centre, Ottery Moor Lane, Honiton, Devon, EX14 1AP

01404 42601 ext 1 Visit us on Facebook or Linkedin.

coMe anD see. “Sisters of Our Lady of Pity and St Therese” invite you to consider your calling , to share their life of prayer and Ministry to Priests, caring for the elderly Priests and welcoming those Priests and Sisters who join them for Retreats and holidays, and helping the Priest in the Parish whenever possible. Enquiries to: Sr Veronica, St John’s Convent, Kiln Green, Reading, RG10 9XP. Tel: 0118 940 2964.

a LiFe oF PRaYeR: are you called to the Benedictine life of Divine Praise and Eucharistic adoration, for the Church? Contact the Tyburn Nuns. Adorers of the Sacred Heart, Mother M. Xavier, 8 Hyde Park Place, London W2 2LJ. Tel: (020) 7723 7262.

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LooKinG FoR soMeone sPeciaL? FRIENDSFIRST is a proven way to meet single Christians for friendship and relationships. Call 0207 717 5586 for a brochure


OR DIVORCED CATHOLICS Whatever your circumstances you matter and ASDC cares: For information send s.a.e. to

Secretary, ASDC, c/o 3 Windham Place, Lancaster,

LA1 5HA or contact Helpline

01132 640 638 Media Contact 01225 754320.

Internet visit:


St. Joseph of Farnborough

(National Shrine). Thank you, oh great saint, for all your miraculous help and protection. We entrust ourselves always to your goodness. MC.

Web ResouRces – Confronts what Pope Benedict XVI called “the widespread religious ignorance” by combating the Modernist take over of many of our schools, so that our children may once again be free to learn their faith properly. We also have over 200 catechetical talks on our web-site most of which can be downloaded free. We also publish a Newsletter, e Flock, this is available FREE: just email your name and address to to receive a copy. – Enjoy stimulating “the little grey cells” by meeting St.omas Aquinas & Meister Eckhart on this web site. Here we experience, with practical reflections, their light shining on our current social and political problems. Email: – Need a sound system or hearing loop? Give us a call for a no obligation quotation. We install new sound systems and induction loop systems. We update existing systems. We clean up aerwards and work around your services. Visit our website or call 07500 554022 for more information. – Soothing Mind Calming Relaxation. Instant Video on Demand, can be downloaded directly from: Also available as a DVD and CD set ‘Relax, Calm the Mind, Feel Good and Sleep Well’. Please order from via link in webpage above or from: St Paul’s Bookshop by Westminster Cathedral Tel: 020 7828 5582 and Pauline Books and Media, 199 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6BA Tel: 020 7937 9591 Fax: 020 7937 9910 Email: – We are a group of five married couples and a priest who have written several publications to enrich marriage. 1. ‘I AM WITH YOU’ - A trilog y of books that reflect on the readings at Mass: years A, B, C. 2. ‘Two In One Flesh’ - A 16-page booklet exploring why and how Christian marriage is holy. 3. ‘MARRIAGE MATTERS’ Weekly 60 word snippets, in a Word .doc Book, from the Sunday Mass Scripture readings ‘I AM WITH YOU’ series. Available free of charge; just download the ‘Book’ then ‘cut and paste’ the relevant weeks reflection on to newsletters/websites etc. For all general enquiries, please email: – – Lenarow Ltd., 169 Blackstock Road, London N4 2JS. Tel: 020 7359 1274


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