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20 Human Behaviour in a Digital Age Björk challenges the conventions of how music is presented and performed through prolific output.

22 Theatre of the Absurd Krištof Kintera’s sculptures and installations reflect upon society through dynamic humour.

21 A Fashion Visionary The V&A presents a major exhibition that focuses on Alexander McQueen’s career and impact.

23 This is Hardcore Mark Leckey explores the boundaries between pop culture, consumerism and technology.


24 Progressing Innovative Design Heatherwick Studio specialises in developing innovative solutions in the field of architecture.

25 A Chance to Reflect Jeu de Paume presents a vast overview of Florence Henri’s photographic production.


28 Form and Photography Light, form and shadow: Barbara Kasten’s photography and video works are finally exposed to the light at ICA, Philadelphia.

34 Globalised Landscapes Robert Harding Pittman’s pictures of abandoned construction sites worldwide scrutinise the space between the natural and built environments.

46 Materialising the Digital Era Douglas Coupland explores the consciousness of the 21st century through Lego and an enormous public work, coated in chewing gum.

52 Fashion Abstraction Viviane Sassen’s use of vibrant colours, abstract shaping and contorted lighting create surreal landscapes where nothing is quite what it seems.

64 Eclectic Inspiration An exhibition curated by Dries Van Noten, encompasses his wide-ranging influences in an exploration of the designer’s creative process.

70 Vacant Histories Belgian photographer Reginald Van de Velde seeks to stop time with his reflective images of derelict buildings and unused spaces.

82 Liberating Constructions Architecture of Independence explores the boom in modernist architecture in Africa following decolonisation in the 1950s and 1960s.

88 Motionless Observations Iveta Vaivode’s romantic and nostalgic photographs draw on her memories, capturing a dreamy and simple life in the countryside.

100 Geometric Architecture Self-taught photographer Matthias Heiderich explores urban landscapes, finding surprising angles and colours within an array of cityscapes.


124 Embracing Collaboration Seventeen film directors collaborate to transform Australia’s bestselling novel, The Turning, into a kaleidoscopic vignette of filmic theatre.

128 Solitude Abandoned Uberto Pasolini researches the lives of others by way of fish and chip shops and funeral parlours by looking at a man who works for the dead.


134 Picturing New Sounds For four decades, with his ground-breaking label ECM, Manfred Eicher has changed how jazz is thought about, recorded and represented.


140 Theatrical Animations Puppet Animation Scotland and manipulate explore puppet theatre and animated film.

Last Words

162 Lynda Benglis Benglis played an important role in developing new approaches to sculpture and painting.


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