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AfricanBusiness (fo rm e r ly A frican Developm en t es tab lis hed 1968) published m onthly by IC Magazines Ltd.

a member of Egg)|NTIRNATIONAL


London Office: PO Box 261, Carlton House, 69 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5BZ. Tel: 01-404 4333 Cables: MACHRAK, LONDON WC2. Telex:



US Office: I.C. Publications Ltd., Room 1121,122 East 42nd Street, New York N.Y. 10168. Tel: (212)867 5159.

IC Magazines Ltd. are also publishers of: NewAfrican, The Middle East, Al-lktissad Al-Arabi, Middle East Travel, Middle East Transport, Gulf States Newsletter, Saudi Arabia Newsletter, Nigeria Newsletter, The Middle East Yearbook, New African Yearbook, Traveller's Guides to the Middle East and Africa, International Business Opportunities.

Group Publisher: Ahmed Afif Ben Yedder ru D i is n e r . Miaan nannery

Editor: Sean Moroney

Managing Editor: Alan Rake

Art Director: Christopher Laver

Editorial Assistants: Lesley Bonner, Katharine Butt CORRESPONDENTS Botswana: Jean Rowton, Cameroon: Bisong Etahoben, Francophone Africa: Mario Sampaio, Gambia: M. D. N'Jie, Ghana: Kumah Drah, Kenya: Leo OderaOmolo, Liberia: Bill Frank Enoanyi, Mauritius: Teklall Gunesh, Nigeria: Peter Ajayi, Sylvester Osaji. Malawi: Robert Kalemba, Sierra Leone: Eben Davies. Sudan: Alfred Taban, Swaziland: Norman Sowerby, Tanzania: Abdulla Suleiman, Uganda: Charles Harrison, Zambia:

Sylvester Chiposa, Zimbabwe: Trevor Grundy. CONTRIBUTORS

4 News, analysis, comment on economic events

FEATURES 16 Australia’s conflict of interests in Africa

17 Europe/Africa road link 18 Libya’s export payments crisis 22 Samir Amin on Africa’s economic choices


24 Gabon: Mineral prospects 25 Lesotho: Development Plan

29 Sierra Leone: Fishing industry 31 Mozambique: Foreign oil participation 32 Kenya: Food production 33 Senegal: Dakar free zone


34 Shagari curbs the economy; State government debts

35 Import bills; Ondo State broadcasting; Bank fraud

Gunnell, Tony Hawkins, Tony Hodges, Derek Ingram, Andrew Lycett, John Madeley, Roger Murray, Jimoh Omo-Fadaka, Shamlal Puri, Howard Schissel, Robert Shaw, Alan Urbach, Ruth Weiss. CIRCULATION Circulation Manager: Mike Cooper Promotions Manager: Helen Perry Sales/Administration: Maria Solieri Subscriptions: Lisa Blande ADVERTISING

COMPANY NEWS 37 Elf in Africa 38 Barclays 39 Standard Bank Sierra Leone; Fraser in Lesotho 40 BAT Kenya; Z im babwe’s Bindura Nickel;

DEG in Kenya 41 Yugoslav tractors for Uganda; Nigeria Tobacco Company; Shoe battle in Sierra Leone; Brazil’s Braspetro 42 TV in Swaziland; DRG South Africa; Shell and BP

Production Manager: Christine Fennell

ADVERTISEMENT REPRESENTATIVES: BRAZIL: Antonio Scavone, Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva No. 476 01442 Sao Paulo-SP. Tel: 852-1893 e 883-0263. Telex: 1124491 S IX S BR. FRANCE: Diana Lecron, 15 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75016 Paris, France. Tel: 502-1800. Telex: IB OS 620893. Angele Gregoire, Ediafric, 57 Avenue d’lena 75116, Paris Tel 7204028. EGYPT: Ali Kamel, Manager, Pyramid Advertising Agency, Cairo. Tel: 758262. Telex 92001 UN.

GERMANY: International Media Service, P.O. Box 3728, Wesereschstr 21, D-4500 Osnabruk. Tel: 0541 -72059. GHANA: Kwesi Sam-Woode, Afram Publications. PO Box M18, Accra. Tel: 74248. ITALY: V. Massone, International Communications, viaCardano 8,20124 Milan Tel' 6701563/6701532. Telex: 320461 MASSON.

1-chome, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Tel: 584-6420, Telex: 27850 ADO J. KENYA: Mrl. Davis, Ivor Davis Publicity, PO Box 47542, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel-23743/28927

KOREA: Hyun-Soo Lee, Liaco, Room 201 Lions Building, 50-6 2-Ka Chungmu-ro Chung-ku, Seoul, South Korea. C.P.O. Box 3046. Tel: 267-8152/3. Telex: K22270

NIGERIA: Mrs. Margaret Ali, International Communications, 4th Floor, 24/28 Strachan Street, P.O. Box 5818, Lagos, Nigeria. Tel: 635 372.

SOUTH EAST ASIA: Martin Clinch &Associates, 15th Floor Jam Fair Comm. Building, 53-55 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Tel: 5-273525. Telex: 76041. MCAL.

455.28.91,455.29.23, Telex: 46172/46156 COYA E. TUNISIA: International Communications, 4 rue Danton, Tunis. Tel: 892 651. Telex

13443. USA/CANADA: The Pattis Group - Chicago: Bill Facinelli, 4761 WestTouhy Avenue Lincolnwood, Illinois 60646, Tel: (321) 6791100. Telex: 9102230736. L o s Angeles: Nadia Fino. 1800 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, California 90028. Tel:(2 13 ) 462 2700. New York: Jessica Lauber, Sue Rosen, 485 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022. Tel: (212) 355-4000. Miami: Jackie Hascall, 7600 Red Road, Miami, Florida 33143. Tel:(305) 665 6263. Toronto: Frank Lederer, 122 St Patrick St, Toronto, M5T 2X7, Ontario, Canada. Tel: (416) 598 4289. Phototypeset by R S B Typesetters, Springfield, Bagshot Road, Worplesdon, Surrey.

Printed in Great Britain by Headley Brothers Limited, Ashford, Kent. Front-page colour photo: MikeCann, Gamma Registered at the British Library IS SN 01413929

i i

African Business is distributed monthly to exer.i jtivrr b u r e a u o f c i r c u l a t i o n 1 m d | in government, business, and industry in Africa. © 1982 CC Magazines Limited


43 Coal in Z im babwe 44 Uganda Coffee Board; Cocoa price problems 45 Rubber relations; Kenya coffee; Commodities briefs 46 Commodities Focus: Uganda’s commodity revival 49 West African iron ore; Burundi phosphates; 50 US sugar quotas; Copper prospects; Tin Pact

LABOUR 51 EEC Labour code; Labour briefs


52 Concise guide to key publications


57 Contents list


77 Euroloans to Africa 83 Rural Banking expands - from the top down Country reviews: 85 Z im babwe; Nigeria; 88 Malawi; Zambia; 91 Ghana; 93 Uganda; Kenya; 95 Francophone

Africa; 97 Sudan; Egypt; 99 BADEA annual report;

100 African Development Bank; BEAC: BCEAO


101 News update, sector by sector

African Business June 1982 3

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