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CONTENTS NEWSFLASH 5 News highlights 8 Psst 11 Agenda, May-July

_________REGIONAL OUTLOOK_________

14 Francophone West Africa: Cocoa inches up 14 Anglophone/Lusophone West Africa: Renewed confidence and reopened borders 15 Central Africa: Displeasure with France and Belgium

16 Southern Africa: Private-sector safeguards

16 East Africa: Open door 17 Indian Ocean: No zone of peace

TRANSPORT & COMMUNICATIONS 18 BLS air routes 18 Somalia road credit 18 Metro for Lagos

20 Kenya car kits 20 BAe’s jet for Africa

RANKING & FINANCE SURVEY 25 Debt: The bane of Africa 27 World Bank: Non-project lending 30 Brandt II: Pragmatic tone 31 Currency management: Sierra Leone's two-tier system; 33 CFA franc fall 35 Too-high naira 35 Infrastructure: Zimbabwe sophistication 43 African Development Bank: New members 43 BIAO: adapts to change 45 EADB: 15 years after 47 ISBI: Geneva’s UN of savings banks 49 Women’s

World Banking: expanding in Africa

_________ COUNTRYBRIEFINGS_________

50 Kenya: Crisis management; Coffee Board shake-up

51 Sudan: IMF, Arab loans and US aid 52 Madagascar: Swiss payments support 53 Guinea-Bissau: Portuguese-assets thaw; fishing potential

54 Tanzania: Agriculture boost in budget; Kilamco fertiliser

55 Nigeria: Publishing piracy

AGRICULTURE 57 Forests of Africa in peril 58 Groundnuts upturn

ZIMBABWE SURVEY 63 Capital Sources & Uses: Transport favoured 65 Import opportunities: Right product is the key 67 Exports: Ziscosteel carries hope 71 Investment: Wary firms hesitate 72 Labour: Bill reinforces pragmatic socialism 74 Sugar: US quota shift 74 NewAffretair chief 74 IMF: Loan comes through

O Bankers are renewing their interest in A a O Africa after last year’s traumas. A special survey to coincide with ADB’s annual conference examines the prospects.

C f \ I n i t s scramble to W W respond to financial crises as they arise, the Moi Administration has had to abandon comprehensive economic planning. Policy decisions are often reversed, and the Office o f the President is increasingly having to take on economic policy-making. Is there a way out?


75 False economies at ZCCM? 75 Charter takes Anderson at last 77 Tin agreement


78 Elf boosts connections 78 Cameroon pushes LNG scheme

C A The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair is W I the country’s premier trade promotion event. A special survey examines the trade and investment potential o f Africa’s youngest state as it enters its fourth year o f independence.

African Business May 1983 3

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