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Family living

8 Grandparents

Fond memories 22 Step-parenting and beyond

Embracing a steep learning curve 28 Anti-Trident protest

Combining parenting and activism 42 Siblings

The changing family dynamics

Ways of learning

21 The call to brilliance

A book review 37 Being home educated

An eleven-year-old’s account 44 The OpenEYE Campaign

Protecting early childhood from government targets

Rites of passage

6 Surrender

Welcoming the unknown 12 Mother blessings

Celebrating the mother’s rite of passage 16 Menstruation

Healing our menstrual history: preparing our daughters

Birth & Baby

30 Fathering from within

The untold story 34 Recovery after caesarean

Natural remedies


24 Generation C

Mothers and climate change 38 Biodynamic agriculture

Planting and growing with Spirit


48 Additives

Easy does it 52 Raw cuisine

Inspiring recipes from the raw food goddess

Out and about

40 BeWILDerwood

A day out in an eco-park



1 Editorial 4 Letters 5 News & views



11 Desmond Williams

View from NY 18 Emma Hiwaizi

Extended breastfeeding 36 Claire Evans

Home ed 64 Shantigarbha and

Christa Gronow Nonviolent Communication

Children’s corner

46 Crafts

Knitting and sewing projects 54 Story time

Petit Jean and the white horse


58 Book reviews

60 Marketplace 62 Juno subscriptions

Juno 3

My Bookmarks

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