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Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith The best work a priest does is in a confessional Page 24

News 6 Week in review A guide to the past seven days in the Catholic world 8 Home news Cardinal Nichols meets Iraqi Christians left homeless by ISIS 10 World news Francis urges Catholics to ‘take up the joyful call to mercy’ 12 News focus Did Scotland’s bishops overstep the mark on Trident?

Comment 15 Notebook Andrew M Brown wonders if Judas had God on his side 16 Cover story Lela Gilbert says the Armenian genocide must be marked 19 Comment Jill, Duchess of Hamilton visits a royal grave in Jerusalem 20 Feature Eleanor Doughty on what made Evelyn Waugh join the Church 21 Science and Faith Quentin de la Bédoyère When data is skewed to fit the purpose 22 Feature Will Gore defends Father Ted’s biting satire, 20 years on

Eleanor Doughty Brideshead Revisited 70 years on Page 20

Will Gore Can Catholics laugh along at the comedy about priests? Page 22

24 Comment Alexander Lucie-Smith Good confessors are born, not made 25 Comment Mary Kenny Hillary Clinton is a good advert for marriage 27 Letters and emails

Arts and life 29 Arts Robert Tanitch hails the ENO’s Sweeney Todd 31 Books Jonathan Wright on the enigmatic figure of Judas 35 Spiritual life Pastor Iuventus If Christ is not risen, our faith is in vain 36 Catholic Life The Young Poet Laureate performs in east London 38 Bishops’ engagements 39 Crossword 40 Charterhouse Freddy Gray wouldn’t, if he’s honest, want his son ordained 43 The Last Word Fr Ronald Rolheiser on how we, too, are crucified and rise again Cover image: Refugees pictured outside Aleppo, Syria

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