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W&N Biography HB/ TPB September £20.00 / £14.99 384pp 16pp colour illustrations 978 1 474 60023 1 / 978 474 0114 6 eBook: £20.00 / 978 1 474 60024 8 8 CDs 978 1 4091 6248 3

MICHAEL COVENEY Maggie Smith A Biography

The definitive biography of Maggie Smith, grande dame of stage and screen. No one does glamour, severity, girlish charm or tight-lipped witticism better than Dame Maggie Smith, one of Britain’s best-loved actors. Her most famous roles are as varied as they are accomplished: from her signature performance in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie to her scenestealing success in the Harry Potter films and Downton Abbey. Michael Coveney’s absorbing biography, written with the actress’s blessing and drawing on personal archives, shines the stage-lights on the life and six-decade career of a truly remarkable performer. Michael Coveney is one of the country’s most respected drama critics. A regular contributor to the Independent, Guardian and Observer, he has been the chief theatre critic of the leading West End website since 2006.


Location: Hampstead, London Available for interview

W&N Non-fiction • September 2015

W&N History HB September £25.00 336pp 8pp b&w illustrations / 6pp b&w maps 978 0 297 86762 3 eBook: £25.00 / 978 0 297 86763 0

ALISTAIR HORNE Hubris The Tragedy of War in the Twentieth Century

The battles that shaped the first half of the twentieth century by ‘One of the best writers of history in the English speaking world’ (Financial Times). The ancient Greeks defined hubris as the worst sin a leader, or a nation, could commit: a mindset of supreme arrogance with invariably terrible consequences. Taking hubris as his central theme, Alistair Horne analyses several engagements of the twentieth century which had consequences above and beyond the war itself. Among the battles with awesome consequences are the two Pacific battles of Tsushima in 1905 and Midway in 1942; the defence of Moscow in 1941; and Dien Bien Phu in 1954. Each chapter of Alistair Horne’s brilliant work of narrative history closes by showing the longer-term consequences for our times and how, almost without exception, hubris leads to crushing defeat. Sir Alistair Horne CBE is a celebrated historian, biographer and author of numerous books, including Seven Ages of Paris, The Age of Napoleon and Kissinger’s Year. He was awarded the Hawthornden Prize for The Price of Glory and the Wolfson Prize for A Savage War of Peace. author:

Location: Henley, Oxfordshire Available for interview