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W&N Travel / Humour HB October £12.99 304pp 978 0 297 60851 6 eBook: £12.99 / 978 0 297 60852 3

Did you know that Batman’s home city of Gotham is named after a Nottinghamshire village? Or that Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ was written by a Cleethropes man called Rodney?

W&N Non-fiction • October 2015

MARK MASON Mail Obsession A journey through Britain’s postcodes from AB to ZE

Embark on a zigzag tour of Britain in pursuit of obscure facts and amusing trivia. Mark Mason has set off on a mission to visit every single postcode, immersing himself in local folklore on a roundabout journey from AB to ZE. Along the way are unusual place names, curious monuments and ghoulish tales of strange burials – from the sarcophagus of a mummified duke to the four different resting places of William Wallace; not to mention German spies, crossdressing criminals and the only wild cows in Britain. Mark Mason visits Britain’s smallest church, enjoys a pint in Britain’s tiniest pub and eats Quality Street on Quality Street. He also delves into the history of the Royal Mail, learning about pillar boxes, posties and Penny Reds – plus Oscar Wilde’s unconventional method of posting a letter. A playful mix of fact, anecdote and personal observation, Mail Obsession pays homage to the rich and eccentric history of Britain, with each of its postcodes as a piece of the puzzle. Mark Mason is a lover of trivia, what he calls the ‘little things that slip down the back of life’s sofa’. Before becoming a writer, he sold Christmas cards in Harrods, played guitar in a blues band and made radio programmes for the BBC. His other books include Walk the Lines and Move Along, Please.


Location: Boxford, Suffolk Available for interview @WalkTheLinesLDN