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W&N Biography HB / TPB November £30.00 / £14.99 576pp 16pp colour illustrations 978 0 297 85653 5 / 978 0 297 60949 0 eBook: £30.00 / 978 0 297 85654 2


How one man discovered B. B. King, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, and how his tiny label, Sun Records of Memphis, revolutionised the world. From unprepossessing origins in rural Alabama, Sam Phillips became the record producer at the epicentre of a seismic shift in popular music. In 1951 he made what is widely considered to be the first rock ‘n’ roll record, Ike Turner and Jackie Brenston’s ‘Rocket 88’. Others by Elvis Presley, Carl ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis soon followed – all produced by this tiny, one-man label. An engaging mix of biography and anecdote, Peter Guralnick’s book brilliantly recreates one shining moment in the history of popular culture. Peter Guralnick is the author of several highly acclaimed books, including Lost Highway, Sweet Soul Music, Searching for Robert Johnson and the novel Nighthawk Blues. His two-volume biography of Elvis Presley, published as Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love, is widely regarded as definitive.


Location: Massachusetts, USA Available for interview f/peterguralnickofficial @PeterGuralnick

W&N History HB November £9.99 224pp 978 0 297 87062 3 eBook: £9.99 / 978 0 297 87063 0

TERRY DEARY Dangerous Days in Ancient Egypt

From the author of Horrible Histories comes the fourth volume of gritty and humorous grown-up histories. Ancient Egypt should be deader than most of our yesterdays. After all it was at its height 5,000 years ago. Yet we still marvel at its mummies and ponder over its pyramids. It’s easy to forget these people once lived and laughed, loved and breathed . . . though not for very long. In Ancient Egypt – a world of wars and woes, poverty and plagues – life was short. Forty was a good age to reach. These were dangerous days for princes and peasants alike, but their bizarre adventures in life were every bit as fascinating as the monuments they left to their deaths. Terry Deary is the author of more than 200 books which have sold over 30 million copies. His beloved series Horrible Histories has been made into a phenomenally successful television show.


Location: Burnhope, County Durham Available for interview

W&N Non-fiction • November 2015