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Orion Biography TPB August £14.99 272pp 978 1 4091 6098 4 eBook: £7.99/ 978 1 4091 5381 8

ATTILIO BOLZONI, GIUSEPPE D’AVANZO The Boss of Bosses The Life of the Infamous Totò Riina, Dreaded Head of the Sicilian Mafia

The life of the real godfather – Salvatore ‘Totò’ Riina. Totò Riina, the Cosa Nostra boss, rose from nothing to become the most powerful man in Sicily. With his small army of assassins, he seized control of the Mafia and then began an attack on the state: bombs, massacres and bloody conflicts initiated by a man who thought he was invincible. In prison for over twenty years, Totò Riina still remains the dictator of the Cosa Nostra. This book tells the disturbing tale with genuine testimony of the Sicilian Corleone. Attilio Bolzoni is an award-winning journalist and author of six books regarding the Mafia. Giuseppe D’Avanzo was deputy director at La Repubblica newspaper and author of a series of investigative cases, including the Litvinenko case.


Location: Bolzoni, Italy Available for interview

Orion Health TPB August £14.99 320pp 978 1 4091 5334 4 eBook: £14.99 / 978 1 4091 5336 8

DR ROSEMARY LEONARD Menopause The Answers

The essential guide for women approaching or experiencing menopause from women’s health expert, Dr Rosemary Leonard. In this definitive guide, Dr Rosemary Leonard debunks some of the myths surrounding the menopause, including why ‘perimenopause’ is a layman’s term, and the pros and cons of HRT. Rosemary discusses the best approaches to the menopause and whether drugs, holistic remedies or other forms of treatment will work best for the individual. Covering everything from hot flushes, changes to your menstrual bleeding pattern, how to tackle sex after menopause, and advice on alternative remedies, Menopause is the comprehensive bible on how to navigate your body’s changes. Dr Rosemary Leonard’s work as a consultant to national television, radio and newspapers makes her one of the country’s best-known doctors. She was awarded an MBE for her services to healthcare.


Location: London Available for interview @DrRosemaryL

Orion Non-fiction • August 2015