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Orion Humour / Autobiography TPB September £14.99 496pp Full colour throughout 978 1 4091 5983 4 eBook: £7.99 / 978 1 4091 5985 8

KEITH LEMON Keith Lemon’s Big One Being Keith & Little Keith in One Book

A double-whammy of Being Keith and Little Keith Lemon, including two brand new chapters, this is the definitive life story of a TV god. Oi, Lemonheads! How’s about havin’ two Keiths for the price of one? Ever wondered how that Keith Lemon from telly ever got to where he is? Ever wondered how a boy who sold Rhino Jeans on Leeds market ended up getting sandwiched between two bang tidy lasses on ITV2’s Celebrity Juice? In this bind-up, you can ‘ave both Being Keith and Little Keith Lemon in one massive book with exclusive new material! Told in his own words and illustrated with Keith’s private collection of photographs, this is the true life story of an unbelievably good lookin’ lad who became an international ladies’ man and a national treasure. Keith Lemon is a northern sex symbol and national treasure. He is the author of bestselling books The Rules: 69 Ways to be Successful, Being Keith and Little Keith Lemon as well as a new series of children's stories, The Beaver and the Elephant. You may have seen him on TV shows such as Celebrity Juice, Through the Keyhole, Bo! Selecta and Keith Lemon’s Very Brilliant World Tour.


Location: London Available for interview @lemontwittor f/officialkeithlemon

Orion Popular Science HB October £12.99 144pp 978 1 4091 5661 1 eBook: £12.99/ 978 1 4091 5663 5

ANDY BRUNNING Why Does Asparagus Make Your Wee Smell? And 57 Other Curious Food and Drink Questions

Amazing infographics and explanations reveal the weird science behind our everyday food and drink. Why does cooking bacon smell so good? Why does cheese make you dream? Why do onions make you cry? Find out the answers in this compendium of amazing and easy-to-undertand chemistry. Discover all sorts of wonderful science that affects us on daily basis, as Andy Brunning opens up the chemical world of food and drink, popping candy, hangovers, spicy chillies and many more. Exploring chemical reactions with fun visuals and explanations, this book is guaranteed to satisfy curious minds. Prepare to be astounded by chemical breakdown like never before. Andy Brunning is a graduate chemist and secondary school teacher with a true passion for making chemistry exciting and interesting for everyone. He created the hit Compound Interest blog, examining day-to-day chemical reactions.


Location: Bournemouth Available for interview @compoundchem

Orion Non-fiction • September / October 2015

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