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W&N Bridge TPB July £14.99 240pp 978 1 474 60047 7


Bidding secrets of the internationally-acclaimed Italian Champions. Bidding is the most important element in bridge and this remarkable book is based on the close observation of the solutions by the Italian Champions to bidding problems. Wladyslaw Izdebski’s previous title, Deadly Defence, was given brilliant reviews by the top critics: ‘a wellresearched book . . . crammed with real-life examples’; ‘the language flows easily and is in truth the best book on defence that I have read’.

editor for all three books:

Location: NSW, Australia Available for interview

W&N Bridge TPB August £9.99 96pp 978 1 474 60067 5

RON KLINGER Playing Doubled Contracts

No other title deals solely with this important subject. The opponents have doubled your contract and you have to decide how best to play the hand. Are you aiming to make your doubled contract? Should you accept that you will not make it and limit your losses as best you can? This book contains problems taken from major national and international championships, and in most cases you have the opportunity to outperform the actual declarers. Seeing the logic and technique behind the right play will improve your own standard. Ron Klinger is a leading international bridge teacher and has represented Australia in many world championships since 1976.

W&N Bridge TPB October £9.99 96pp 978 1 474 60068 2

RON KLINGER Defending Doubled Contracts

Companion book to Playing Doubled Contracts. You have doubled the opposition contract and now must find the best path to inflict maximum damage. Is the contract a close thing so that you must ensure that you do actually defeat the contract? Have the opponents sacrificed against your game, which would have succeeded? These are the sort of questions that will face you in this quiz book of bridge problems. As long as you tackle the problems with zeal and determination, your own defence is bound to improve, even if you do not find the best answer every time. Ron Klinger is the author of over sixty books, and has written a daily bridge column in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald for over twelve years.

Master Bridge Series in association with Peter Crawley • July / August / October 2015

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