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Orion Fiction TPB July £12.99 416pp 978 1 4091 4616 2 eBook: £12.99 / 978 1 4091 4614 8

With a faultless blend of compelling action, intelligent plotting and well-drawn characters, Mason Cross proves he can write a gripping, no-holds-barred follow-up to his brilliant debut thriller The Killing Season.

Orion Fiction • July 2015

MASON CROSS The Samaritan

For fans of Lee Child, Michael Connelly and James Patterson, The Samaritan is the gripping new thriller from the author of The Killing Season. When the mutilated body of a young woman is discovered in the Santa Monica Mountains, LAPD Detective Jessica Allen knows she’s seen this MO before – two and a half years ago on the other side of the country. A sadistic serial killer has been operating undetected for a decade, preying on lone female drivers who have broken down. The press dub the killer ‘the Samaritan’, but with no leads and a killer who leaves no traces, the police investigation quickly grinds to a halt. That’s when Carter Blake shows up to volunteer his services. He’s a skilled manhunter with an uncanny ability to predict the Samaritan’s next moves. At first, Allen and her colleagues are suspicious. After all, their new ally shares some uncomfortable similarities to the man they’re tracking. But as the Samaritan takes his slaughter to the next level, Blake must find a way to stop him . . . even if it means bringing his own past crashing down on top of him. Mason Cross studied English at the University of Stirling and currently works in the voluntary sector. He has written a number of short stories, including ‘A Living’, which was shortlisted for the Quick Reads Get Britain Reading Award.


Location: Glasgow, Scotland Available for interview @MasonCrossBooks

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